New administration appointments

News about the new appointments were announced to the Lasallian community through the Helpdesk system of the University.


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Life in the office

Among administrative positions, the most notable appointments would be former Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA) Dr. Robert C. Roleda as the University Chancellor, and former College of Computer Studies (CCS) Dean Dr. Merlin Teodosia C. Suarez as VCA in his stead. Their appointment was effective last September 1 for an initial period of one year.

Both parties have expressed their sense of duty towards their newly given positions. “I think it’s just a matter of me going into a typical work day. It was nothing I looked forward to, nor it was something I avoided, it was just something that I knew I had to do,” Suarez tells.

Similarly, Roleda shares sentiments with the newly appointed VCA, stating that his appointment as Chancellor was simply “a form of duty.”

Roleda reveals that preparing and managing the effects of the K to 12 transition, also known as the “lean years,” would be the greatest challenge he would face this academic year. He explains that the transition has caused a significant drop in student population, from approximately 15,000 students to 11,000 since 2016. As a result, revenues have suffered, making it more difficult to pay wages to faculty members. Nonetheless, he expects this problem to lessen as more freshmen start coming in starting A.Y. 2018-2019.

Another challenge that Roleda mentions is the integration of the Laguna campus. According to him, the K to 12 transition has made it difficult for the Laguna campus to grow. However, in A.Y. 2018-2019, he expects that there would be more students enrolling there, as DLSU will offer new academic programs and dormitory facilities that year.

Despite the present challenges, the new chancellor remains optimistic, sharing that the Laguna campus will have an increase in student intake, with about 500 students per batch for the next four years. In addition, three newly constructed buildings are already at its final stages in the campus, providing extra facilities for the students. He also adds that the Arrows Shuttle Service is working its way to a major improvement. An e-jeep service has been launched in order for students to easily travel from the campus to the Sta. Rosa public transport terminal. A new shuttle waiting area is also being developed. “Right now, [students] are waiting at the gas station, which is not ideal. So, we’ll have a space where students can wait for the shuttle in Sta. Rosa,” Roleda explains.

Aside from improvements in the Laguna campus, several projects in the Taft campus are currently ongoing, such as the reconstruction of Br. Connon Hall and the recently completed renovation of the South Gate Lobby. Two additional classroom buildings are set to be established within the coming years to address a growing population. According to Roleda, the first building is expected to be up in two years’ time, and the second building to follow shortly after.

The second building, however, would require the demolition of an existing establishment. “If we tear down a building, we’re looking at 3 possibilities—maybe Miguel, Gokongwei or the STRC as they are low-rise buildings,” Roleda shares.


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Another project would be the provision of a 24/7 study area for students. He tells that students should have an open space for them to study in, as well as a free space for interaction and communication—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Roleda reveals that the Gokongwei Ground Floor was a possible location for the said facility.

Suarez also shares the challenges she faces as VCA. One major challenge is the implementation of the New Lasallian Core Curriculum (NLCC), which would include new general education courses and a more multi-disciplinary rather than departmental system. Another challenge would be identifying the curriculum for 2018, based on the new CHED memorandum order for new curriculums in particular courses. Suarez explains that such challenges involve numerous dimensions, including preparing facilities and designing the proper way to gauge learning with the new curriculum. The whole process would take a lot of research and preparation.


List of administrative appointees

Other administrative new appointees for this year include:

Dr. Derrick Ethelbhert Yu

University Registrar, Office of

the University Registrar (OUR)

Mr. Antonio Carlos M. Maralit

Associate Vice Chancellor,

Facilities Management

Dr. Carmelita Chua

Director, Institutional Testing and

Evaluation Office (ITEO)

Ms. Nelca Leila B. Villarin

Dean, Student Affairs

Ms. Elaine Marie A. Conception

Vice Dean, Office of Student Affairs

Mr. Allan B. Borra

Director, Information Technology Services (ITS)

Ms. Christine Abrigo

Director, Libraries

Atty. Antonio A. Ligon

Director, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Dr. Ferdinand B. Pitagan

Director, Academic Support for Instructional Services and Technology (ASIST)

Ms. Fritzie Ian de Vera

Director, Center for Social Action and Concern


Mr. James Laxa

Director, Lasallian Pastoral Office( LSPO)

Effective September 1, 2017

Lt. Renato H. Baulong

Director, Security Office

Effective May 2017

Other faculty appointees  this year include:

Dr. Glenn V. Alea

Dean, College of Science

Dr. Jazmin B. Llana

Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Rafael A. Cabredo

Dean, College of Computer Studies

Effective September 1, 2017


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