Many are called, but few are chosen. The LaSallian looks into different perspectives of various students, weighing in on their boundless and unfiltered insights on what they would do as the most influential student in the University.


Nika Cardinal (III, CAM-MKT)

If I were the USG president, I think I would abolish the dress code to have a safe environment for everyone, especially for the LGBT community in La Salle.


Adams Mabazza (III, AB-CAM)

I would first and foremost take care of the student handbook because I want to broaden it, especially the criteria for excused absences. Also, I would like to focus on people’s mental health because that’s very important; mental health is an actual issue right now and a lot of people don’t recognize it..



Jeff Capistrano (I, BS-CS)

As of right now, I would try to change the U Break schedule back to as before, kasi as proven by different studies done by different researchers, it has sought to be a better kind of plan for all students, and of course has been a normal schedule. Sanay na tayo. Since for me as a frosh, since NSTP is finishing, if Monday is back, we’d have more time to rest.


Graciel Nuncio (III, BS-CS)

I think I’d do a lot of things. But one thing kasi as a CCS student, I wanna hear out the students [who complain] about the Goks lobby being a non-eating area. I want to fight for it to make it an eating area.



Sean Yuhico (I, BS-CS)

If I were the USG President, I would abolish the 24-7 Goks Study Hall, because it really affects the cleanliness and the actual environment of the Gokongwei study area. As CCS students, we usually stay in the Gokongwei building. But right now, we see that there are a lot of people that are staying here, and sometimes it’s not that clean anymore. It’s not the study environment that we used to have in the first term. So if I were the USG President, I guess I could keep the 24-7, but I’d revise it a bit such that it won’t affect the CCS students. Because right now, the ones who get really affected are CCS students, rather than the other colleges since they’re only staying in Gokongwei because of the 24-7.


Jose Manuel Luna (IV, BS-ME)

I guess I’d set up some vendors for school supplies so it’d be easier to access them instead of going to the bookstore. 



Agnes Garcia (III, BS-MKT)

I would want to have a night market here in SJ like everyday [for the] people na nagpupuyat, para may food parin. 





Christopher Veloso (IV, BS-IE)

If I were USG President, the first thing that I would want to do is to actually help improve the MLS system [since] it’s been experiencing a lot of problems, and it’s one of the most important features of our school that we need to take into account. Especially since many of our students now are using the enrollment system, and there’s always been problems with connectivity and user experience.



Stephen Argente (III, AB-CAM)

First order of business is to hold a public forum to make sure that all of our projects are in line with what the students need. And then siguro, see if any of the projects we planned beforehand match with any of those, then prioritize those. Eventually, just see the feedback, see what we’re doing, and just keep doing the same process as long as we’re getting the same, if not, the most amount of positive results until the term ends.


Patrick Ranchez (III, BS-LGL)

If I were USG President, I would create more opportunities to involve students to become more proactive.


Joem Panlaqui (III, BS-LGL)

If I were USG President, I would focus my energy into opening more classes for COB students parin.



Ram Ocampo (III, BS-LGL)

If I were USG President, I would do my very best to give back the students the trust that they lost in the USG.


Jun Ebdane (III, BS-LGL)

If I were to be USG President, siguro maglalagay ako zipline from Henry to Andrew and slide to Miguel.


Matthew John Oliver Juniosa (III, BS-ISA)

I would try to influence the administration to put more attention on student artists, not only on student athletes. Also on people from SMO, CAO, and organizations that also put the same amount of effort to bringing glory to the school. And then of course, legitimize and push for the LGBT organization to be recognized by the school. I also want to improve the facilities here, especially bathrooms in Andrew. And then, I’m going to make sure that I’m going to improve the websites. I was thinking of doing something for all organizations. So I was thinking, specifically, I’m going to have people get digital updates from The LaSallian and Plaridel, every time you guys release. So that it’s going to be on their emails, it’s going be on Facebook, everything. And then we’re going to have an app for Lasallians. Tapos we’re going to have a TV network that’s going to be in [real] TV.


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