Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) was the sole party that presented its candidates’ platforms to the student body during the USG General Elections (GE) 2018 Miting de Avance held yesterday, July 14, at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space.

Following the announcement from the DLSU Commission on Elections (COMELEC), Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista will not be fielding any candidates in this year’s GE.



College President candidates

Hindi ko hahayaan na maramdaman ninyo na mag-isa lang kayo,” said College of Computer Studies (CCS) College President (CP) candidate Sophia Rivera in her statement. Rivera urged students to retain their “own CCS identity,” while she promoted her future plans for the college which included centralized student services, a centralized Computer Studies Government (CSG), and programs focusing on skills development. “Allow [me] to serve you and help redefine CCS–a redefined CCS that embraces self-growth,” she stated.

On the other hand, candidate for Br. Andrew Gonzales College of Education (BAGCED) CP candidate Edu Nioko cited that education is the foundation of success. He expounded that the individual identities of the students in his college should be mobilized. “When we expand the excellence of lasallian educators, matutulungan natin ang lahat na nangangailangan,” affirmed Nioko. He added that education is not just a privilege, but rather a right that everyone deserves.

For Zeanne Garcia, College of Liberal Arts (CLA) CP candidate, her running for candidacy was due to the “right timing.” She stated that she will form a college that will not only continue to improve itself, but will also contribute to nation building and social transformation. “A holistically engaged liberal arts community will allow us to collaborate with different sectors to provide the best services, and to holistically develop students in CLA,” quoted Garcia.

Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVR-COB) CP candidate Jess Magaoay appealed for the student body to allow her to bring the resolutions she had authored during her time as a Legislative Assembly (LA) representative to the executive table. “I want the College of Business to be known not [only] just for its academic excellence, but also for its social transformation,” Magaoay expressed. The Santugon candidate also pushed for COB to “be part of the community,” which will enable her to bring COB outside the walls of the University.

Claiming to be new to serving in the USG, Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) CP candidate Nates Martin revealed that his decision to be part of the student government made him realize his passion to serve. Martin highlighted that in order to bring an engaged Engineering College Government (ECG) to students, his leadership will bring about the provision of an engineering service hub and an internship fair. “We will have projects to ensure that all avenues are maximized to you,” he asserted.

Incumbent FOCUS 2015 LA representative Ella Morales emphasized the concept of an imperfect leader, stating that “being a leader is being able to recognize your strength and weaknesses.” According to the College of Science (COS) CP candidate, she envisions an empowered Science College Government (SCG) wherein the SCG will serve as “pioneers of change.” The platform she presented included instating of an established way of governance to develop a sense of autonomy in students, and empowering student scientists by providing venues to apply their competencies.

Betty Won, School of Economics (SOE) CP candidate, affirmed that the college will be provided a community for Lasallians to realize their excellence. Won stressed that her governance will not only provide “intensified” student services, but also diversified opportunities for students to “realize their excellence, and their Lasallian economist identity.”


USG Executive Treasurer

Incumbent SOE President Adi Briones endorsed a research-based approach to attain sustainable student governance in the Office of the Treasurer in his campaign as a candidate for USG Executive Treasurer. As part of his initiative, he declared a plan to develop existing programs and extend learning outside the classroom walls.

He explained that this initiative “will create a culture of awareness among the student body because we deserve to be well-informed of what we pay for”. Briones asserted that the student body deserves to be the focal point of financial services provided by the University. With this platform, he intends to establish a hassle-free student life.


USG Executive Secretary

Three thrusts curtail the upholded platform of Justeen Sy, candidate for USG Executive Secretary: intensified office management, purpose-driven USG, and sustainable and excellent communication platforms. She intends to encourage more training for officers and more student-friendly services for the Office of the Secretary (OSEC) to be deemed as an essential key to make the students better leaders.

“I always found a deep passion to help exude excellence in any way I can,” Sy expressed. “I want each Lasallian to experience the empowerment that the USG gave me.” The mobile application, Quiver, is one student-friendly service Sy aims to utilize to become the platform of communication between OSEC and the students.


USG Vice President for External Affairs

Candidate for USG Vice President for External Affairs Angeli Andan envisioned globally competent and active Lasallian citizens through her leadership. She appealed, “Allow me to redefine national identity and advocacy through initiating action and proactive solutions for national issues, and even our own advocacies.”

Andan specified provision of accessible education and innovated opportunities for students as forefronts of her proposed action-oriented programs. She highlighted improving safety and security measures in the University until the student body fully grasps the idea of safety and security in and out of the school.


USG Vice President for Internal Affairs

It is always a challenge to run for a position in the USG, yet one which Adrian Mendoza, candidate for Vice President for Internal Affairs, stressed he will never say “No” to. Mendoza claimed he will never refuse a chance to be part of an office that will allow him to listen to the students’ problems, make necessary changes, and initiate a positive impact to almost 9,000 students.

In doing so, he disclosed, “let’s standardize student services para kahit anong college or ID number, you will get the best student services”. He further stressed that there will be a focus on developing academic policies and services, world class facilities, and student services in assuring that student life in the University will always be at its best. As an example, he advertised a plan to accredit taxis and FXs for more safe and secure transportation options.


USG President

As a former college president of CLA, Gabbie Perez, candidate for USG President, asserted she proved to be an imperfect leader who learned through trial and error. Yet she believed that the student body never needed a perfect leader but a real, human and imperfect one. She assured, “I am real, I am honest and I am human”.

Perez emphatically expressed she has the experience, heart and platform that will appropriately serve the student body. She endorsed a no-nonsense, head-on approach that will serve with an open and listening heart. This approach is expected to promulgate sustainable student governancethe vision of her tenure. She wants students to be assured that the University is working with them and she expressed her plans to accomplish this by the enactment of consistent, sustainable and better programs, policies and projects. “We believe that students deserve more…Let’s do what needs to be done in order to represent the student body well,” she reiterated. Perez insinuated that her administration will center on the action of generating long term solutions to everyday Lasallian problems. The USG President candidate ended her speech with the statement, “I am ready and prepared to bring you a sustainable student governance”.

An open forum commenced after the presentation of platforms where candidates answered questions raised by students regarding student apathy, problems on plebiscite implementation, student representation, and support for student athletes.


The GE 2018 campaign period will end on July 17 at 7 pm and voting period will run from July 18 to July 20, from 9 am to 6 pm.


ERRATUM: USG OSEC candidate Justeen Sy did not head the mobile application Quiver, as previously stated in this article. It has been edited accordingly. We apologize to the developers of Quiver for the oversight.

By Ramon Castañeda

By Johanna Ellice Tantoco

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