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2018 GE results released, special elections slated for next term

After adjustments to the voting period due to inclement weather and the goal of reaching the minimum voter turnout of 50 percent + 1 required for a valid election,  the DLSU Commission on Elections (COMELEC) released the University Student Government (USG) General Elections (GE) results for AY 2018-2019 on August 6. DLSU successfully attained the quota, with 4840 voters or 52.48 percent of the student population voting.

All candidates running for seats in the Executive Board (EB) won their respective positions. Gabbie Perez was elected as USG President and joining her in the EB are the following: Adrian Mendoza as Vice President (VP) for Internal Affairs, Angeli Andan as VP for External Affairs, Justeen Kaye Sy as the Executive Secretary, and Adi Briones as the Executive Treasurer.



In the Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education, Edu Nioko won as College President. Trish Villamiel, Ann Rivera, and Reggie Hipolito are EDGE2016’s incoming President, VP and Legislative Assembly (LA) Representative, respectively. EDGE2017, on the other hand, elected Arianne King as Batch President, Angel Evaristo as Batch VP, and Ysa Cort as LA Representative.

Zeanne Garcia was hailed as College President for the College of Liberal Arts. Milo Uncanin, Mika Bagui, and Frances Hernandez won the positions of FAST2016’s President, VP and LA Representative, respectively. For FAST2017, Ronin Leviste, Jaydee Chung, and Neal Gonzales are set to take the positions of President, VP and LA Representative in the coming academic year.

The incoming College President of the College of Science is Ella Morales. The Batch President, Batch VP and LA Representative of FOCUS2016 are Sophia Chua, Amy Chua and Jiaan Santos. FOCUS2017 will be welcoming Ina Mulingbayan as Batch President, Kenneth Gonzales as Batch VP, and Marco Zulaybar as LA Representative.

Betty Won is the elected College President for the School of Economics (SOE). EXCEL2018 will soon welcome Ash Dasugo as Batch President, Kia Lee as Batch VP and Sophia Go as LA Representative. For EXCEL2019, Dale De Leon will take on the role of Batch VP alongside Karl Leyco as LA Representative. EXCEL2020’s next Batch President, Batch VP and LA Representative are Shane Ang, Miguel Ong and Miko Co respectively.

The incoming Batch President, VP, and LA Representative for 71st ENG of the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) are Jozy Curatan, Christan Domingo and Stella Santos, respectively. Garret Sila was elected Batch President for 72nd ENG while Maddy Tsai is the Batch VP, and Marian Lao is LA Representative.

For the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (COB), AJ Chin is the incoming Batch President for BLAZE2019, Bel Neukom is Batch VP, and CJ Merin is the LA Representative. Dom Minas, Dan Padre, and Bella Villar are BLAZE2020’s respective Batch President, VP and LA Representative.

Christian Alderite, from the College of Computer Studies (CCS), is CATCH2T19’s incoming LA Representative. Additionally, Ian Ona was elected Batch President of CATCH2T20 while Nike Planas and Richard Ingles are the respective VP and LA Representative of the batch.

Although the GE resulted in a successful voter turnout, a few positions still remain vacant. College President positions for GCOE, CCS and RVR-COB have yet to be filled in. Likewise, Batch President seats in CATCH2T19 and EXCEL2019 are unoccupied. CATCH2T19 is currently also without a Batch Vice President. All positions in the following batch government units still remain open: FAST2015, BLAZE2018, CATCH2T21, and 70th ENG.

Special elections are expected to be held next term to fill in the remaining positions.

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