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The restoration of a partnership: PUSO and the University administration

Entering the month of July, the De La Salle University Parents of University Student Organization (DLSU-PUSO) and the administration of DLSU have announced the reestablishment of their partnership.

In a series of letters disclosed by the two parties, DLSU President Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC writes, “I affirm our partnership has been harmonious and productive in the last thirty-three years. We at De La Salle University recognize PUSO as the legitimate representative of the parents of our students in the University.”



A brief review of past events

Last December 2017, the University administration decided to end their partnership with PUSO. According to a past interview with PUSO President Atty. Dindo Garciano, the disagreement started when some University parties did not agree to the results of PUSO’s elections. In contrast, University Chancellor Dr. Robert Roleda said that it began when the PUSO President signed a confidential document with sensitive information.

Consequently, opposition between the two groups sustained until the administration called a conclusion to their partnership. In effect, PUSO, who chairs the Multi-Sectoral Consultative Committee on Tuition and Fees (MSCCTF), was not invited to the following deliberations even if their presence is mandatory.

The two parties then left off with a status quo to put the issues that affected their partnership where they are and turn to more amicable discussions.




Reestablishing ties

PUSO and the University administration continued to exert effort especially with participating in productive dialogues for the reestablishment of their relationship. Last July 25, Br. Suplido invited PUSO in a discussion to talk about pending issues between the University and PUSO. Accordingly, on July 4, the administration restored the privileges that have been granted to PUSO since 1985, as stated in the DLSU Administration Manual of 2016.

The following amends were made in the restoration of the partnership: (1) all differences will be settled and their partnership will be restored as it was first agreed on in 1985, (2) the two parties will make an announcement regarding the affirmation of partnership, (3) the administration will continue collections of PUSO fees, (4) the administration will make advance payments of uncollected PUSO fees, (5) the proposed tuition fee increase of 5.25 percent will be recalled from the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), and to be signed by PUSO as Chairman of the MSCCTF, (6) after all the above had been done, PUSO withdraws its objection with CHED regarding the increase in tuition fee.



An assurance of independence

Garciano said that there are no modifications in the partnership between DLSU and PUSO. He ensures that everything is set in a status quo. With this, PUSO continues its operations as the parent’s organization of DLSU and their essential role as the chair of the MSCCTF. Garciano explained that “all events, activities, support to College Deans, Student Organizations, and Scholarship programs, all memberships in committees it had been a member of, and others that PUSO may decide to implement will all continue.”

Essentially, Garciano points out that their organization will remain independent from the administration even if they have settled their disputes in the past and agreed on a set of amends. Br. Suplido asserts in a letter that “we at De La Salle University recognize PUSO as the legitimate representative of the parents of our students in the University.”

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