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Sister act: Castañeda sisters go for the goal

For siblings who grow up together, there exists a special connection that stands the test of time. They always look out for one another and have each other’s best interests at heart. One of the things that bring siblings together and deepen their bond is a shared interest. Whether it be a TV show, movie, or sport, it allows siblings to strengthen their relationship. The LaSallian sits down with the Castañeda siblings, who have made their name known in the field of football. In the case of Sara and Anicka, their passion for the sport is what makes their relationship special.



Choosing La Salle

For Anicka, playing for La Salle was not a difficult decision. Having been under coach Hans Peter Smit in De La Salle-Santiago Zobel, she is familiar with the system implemented in the Lasallian brand of football. Additionally, the team’s tradition of excellence acted as a catalyst to her decision to play for DLSU. Anicka also admits that having her sister with her on the field serves as a motivation, reasoning, “It would be cool to play with my sister in the field.”

Last Season 80, the DLSU Women’s Football Team missed the services of the Castañeda sisters as they attended the women’s national team’s training camp instead. “The tournament was the Asian Cup Qualifiers so if you make that, then the next stage would be the World Cup already,” Sara explains. Although both sisters were called up for the training camp, Anicka shares that only Sara was able to play in the tournament.


Plans for Season 81

Despite all the excitement of the Castañeda sisters playing for the same school, Anicka would not be able to play this Season 81 due to an injury. Tearing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) last July,  she would be forced to go to rehab and, unfortunately, and would not be able to make it in time for the season.

On the other hand, Sara is up and ready to play once more for the Green-and-White as her duties in the National Team has finished. Since the UAAP is the only major tournament for the Lady Booters, Sara is looking forward to being part of the team again and winning another championship.

Season 81 may not be the season in which the fans of the Taft-based squad would get to witness the two Castañeda sisters play for one team. Nevertheless, they might be able to see such next year as it would be Sara’s last playing year for the University, and it would be Anicka’s debut in the UAAP.

The Castañeda sisters believe that playing together as sisters does not make much of a difference, as Sara states, ”If you play with your other teammates for a long time, you will also have the same connection.” Nonetheless, winning the championship while playing for the same team is what they hope to achieve. We may not see it happen in this year’s UAAP, but their hopes are up for Season 82.


Danielle Erika Capule

By Danielle Erika Capule

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