PRESS RELEASE: Branching Out to Different Fields — Technology Summit 2019

La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) aims to provide quality assistance and activities to mold members academically, socially and spiritually in order for them to become competent and well-rounded individuals. LSCS hosts multiple events yearly, but none compares to their main flagship event, the annual Technology Summit. The event was first introduced back in 2012 with the goal of showcasing the field of technology and innovations in the field to students and professionals within and outside De La Salle University. With each passing year, the event has continued to gain more attention and became one of LSCS’ annual flagship events.

Last year’s Technology Summit showcased a variety of topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D modeling, Internet of Things and many more, with “Breaking the Barriers” as its theme. Aiming to show how technology has truly achieved so much more than what we could have ever expected it to do so and the rapid changes and development in such a short span of time. This year’s Technology Summit aims to build on the event’s success the previous years, with the same goal of promoting the latest advancements in technology in mind but with a different approach, with the theme for this year’s event being “Branching Out to Different Fields”. This theme was chosen as technology is often associated by most people with those who are only in the Computer Studies field, when in fact, all fields are experiencing changes due to the innovations brought about through the new creations and discoveries found with the use of technology. With topics such as Online Business, Vlogging, Fashion Design, and more being featured in this year’s lineup. Therefore, this year’s event aims to showcase technology in different fields as well to show how much our world relies on technology and how these innovations are making our lives easier.

Technology Summit is an event to inform people, and let them know about where the present is at and what the future has in store for all of us. It is an event that brings people together and an event that not only wants to bring information to you but makes you be a part of these innovations as well by letting you experience this firsthand. That’s why you should check out this year’s Technology Summit and invite your friends to come with you as well.

For more information regarding Technology Summit 2019, visit DLSU Technology Summit’s Facebook page.

By The LaSallian

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