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Vox populi: “What is your ideal student representative?”

Every year, the focus is on the candidates and their platforms. The LaSallian went around campus asking students for their ideal student representative to give them an avenue to voice their concerns.


My ideal student representative is someone who listens to the students, listens to their feedback, their complaints, their comments, [and] critiques in the hopes of creating proper student representation because after all, the work of a student representative is to represent the student body and to present their personal opinions and beliefs. They should stand for the representation of the students especially against the administration or with the administration because after all, what the administration does affects the students, and the only way for the students to be heard is through the student representative. So, someone who genuinely listens and understands [the students] for the sake of better representation, and better programs that cater to the student body.


My ideal student representative is, of course, someone who knows the grassroots of those he represents. Someone who constantly asks for the opinions of his constituents and voices those concerns out in the appointed or the allotted platform. Someone who would constantly, of course, asks us for guidance.


Well, for me, my ideal student representative is someone who speaks for the people. Someone who carries the name and the intermittent concerns of the student kasi I think one of the biggest problems that the USG, well the student government in general, there’s this sort of elitism that goes with the name of the student leader when in fact that shouldn’t be the case. Kasi you’re representing the entire student body, not just a chosen elite. And feeling ko we also need to voice out more the concerns of not only of the general student body but also of the scholars. My friends, some of them, they’re scholars and yung concerns nila, yung intermittent concerns nila, hindi natutuunan.


My ideal student representative is someone who has all the interests of the students in mind, and who can both communicate to any sector of the school and any organization as well. He has to be the epitome of what a student can be and what they should be.


My ideal student representative is someone I could relate to, someone I can rely on during rough times.


Someone who isn’t overly ambitious. They know their limits in setting goals but after every goal they achieve—they make sure that there is something that they can also improve on in another aspect.


Someone approachable, ‘yung tipong kahit after elections makikipag-hi pa din sa akin, ganun. ‘Yung approachable, ganun.

Drew Beltran Acierto

By Drew Beltran Acierto

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