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Word on the street: An athlete’s favorite Filipino dish

Every August, the Philippines prepares for Buwan ng Wika, which celebrates the diverse languages of the country. With that said, the celebration also highlights the country’s culture as a whole. A part of which is the delicious Filipino cuisine served at every household.

The LaSallian interviewed several athletes as to what their palette might prefer this coming Buwan ng Wika. Animo Squad members Lara Andrada and Diego Magpayo, Green Jin IR Donato,  and Lady Fencer Pat Eusebio shared their various Filipino favorites.

Lara Andrada, Animo Squad

“My favorite Filipino dish is sinigang because it captures the Filipino flavor of asim and anghang with every bite. Whether it’s hot or cold, the soup is just perfect.”

IR Donato, Green Jin

Lechon kawali, I could eat it [in] every meal—its crispy skin that melts in your mouth, and the fat and tender meat would never fail my taste buds.”

Pat Eusebio, Lady Fencer

Daing na bangus. It’s my absolute favorite! I grew up eating this dish for breakfast and the flavors of bangus, sunny-side up eggs, chopped tomato, sinamak, and hot steamed rice—always leaves my tummy feeling happy!”

Diego Magpayo, Animo Squad

“Crispy Tadyang. A delight to the senses! From flavors down to textures, truly a soft and crispy wonder. It is like a cross between Crispy Pata and Tapa since it is actually deep fried beef ribs. The first time I tried this was with my parents, together with my Korean friend back in high school. I can’t stop thinking about it! Im a beef lover, and this just takes the cake.”

The Philippine culture, especially Filipino dishes, brings out fond memories and certain tastes that most can relate to. It is a reminder that student athletes do share a commonality with any other student or fellow citizen. The contour of being a sports athlete should not make others think that they are different from anyone. Despite the heart-clogging temptations of Buwan ng Wika for the athletes, it is always nice to hear them indulge in a heart-warming home cooked meal surrounded by friends and family in time for Filipino heritage month. Luckily, these athletes will have time to sweat it all out before their respective seasons start and hopefully bring home many titles. So what are you excited to eat this Buwan ng Wika?

By Rob Matibag

By Anthony Francis Trajano

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