BITUIN: DLSU’s road to digital transformation

Changes in BITUIN—a podcast that discussed the progress made in the University’s ongoing digital transformation project, Banner Initiative to Transform, Unify, Integrate, and Navigate (BITUIN)—was conducted at the Research Commons, second floor of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall last December 11. Project Executive and Information Technology Services Director Allan Borra, joined by University Chancellor Br. Bernard Oca FSC and Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Robert Roleda, outlined BITUIN’s role in addressing issues concerning the student body and in automating different services and processes inside DLSU. 

A change in the system

By undertaking the BITUIN project, Borra announced that the current system and platforms used by DLSU will have to undergo a major overhaul, affecting processes such as procurement, enrollment, and admissions. “It’s a complex [program],” he discussed. “This digital transformation is not just about getting the technology here, but also preparing the organization, preparing the people, [and] preparing the competencies and skills that would [prepare] us for the use of big data.” Big data refers to analyses of large sets of data from where meaningful information—like as patterns and trends—can be analyzed and extracted.

With the steps already taken to begin integrating the new system in the University, Oca emphasized the benefits that BITUIN presents to the Lasallian community. “[BITUIN] is not only for the students, but [also for] faculty [members]. It’s really how we can improve the processes in the community of DLSU,” he explained. Oca also relayed that the transformation of processes would enable students to have a “better experience”.

Moreover, Borra added how the project aims to train current DLSU employees to align capabilities with the integration of BITUIN. Borra maintained that BITUIN is focused not only on providing platforms for automation, but also on “having the people or the offices managing or operationalizing the platforms be ready as well for that [change].”

With BITUIN’s creation being a three year-long planned initiative in itself, Borra is hopeful that the implementation of the project will be a success and meet the target date of August 31, 2020. 

Everything in BITUIN 

In an interview with The LaSallian, Borra described the project as a “fresher, newer platform” that can meet the needs of a more digitally-focused youth. He also noted that the system would be implemented given that Animo.sys and My.LaSalle have already “outlived [their] design.”

Borra stressed the importance of “equipping the people with the right set of skills, competencies, and tools” so that the project will run smoothly. “It’s more on retooling people,” he added, placing emphasis on having a team with the right heart and mindset. 

A change in the right direction

Although the implementation of BITUIN promises a big leap toward automating the different services and processes inside DLSU, the initiative is inevitably faced with challenges—such as the significant adjustments employees need to make.

Borra assured, however, that despite the University’s modernization efforts, employees will be given supplementary training to help them cope with the upcoming changes. Borra shared that employees have been oriented regarding a “target state” wherein they can find roles to work with the new processes.

On whether the University is ready for such a significant digital transition, Borra affirmed that DLSU is prepared to step into the new system and replace its previous platforms. While he acknowledged that there would be “people [who] will resist” the change, Borra put forward that, “DLSU has the right mindset and the right people to talk about the change and to be in action consistent with that change.”

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