De La Salle Innersoul, the premier vocal group of De La Salle University, is set to present one of their biggest concerts entitled, Soul Impact. This concert acts as a celebration of the organization’s 23rd anniversary as part of the institution which will be happening this March 5, 2020 at Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium. 

The whole event is directed by Mr. Vince Mallari, a DLSU alumni and current musical director of De La Salle Innersoul. 

The concert will be focused on different social issues that are very rampant today, which the group believes should be shed light upon. The group holds the idea of how important it is as artists to be able to present an impact that will be forever remembered by their viewers.

Join them under the limelight as they hit the stage with glam and power this coming Thursday at 7:30 in the evening!

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