Pride—a symbol of protest, liberty, and the undying aspiration for universal acceptance. Despite the Philippines’ having its reputation for being “The Most Gay Friendly Country in Asia” according to Inquirer’s ​ 2013 ​ PH ranks among the most gay-friendly in the world , ​ prejudices are often targeted towards those who exhibit one’s blossoming affection towards the same sex.

Honoring those who continuously fight for their rights and freedoms, ​ ARTSvocacy Journey: PRIDE will wave its banner high from June ​ 22 to 26​ . As the second initiative of FAST2019’s ARTSvocacy Journey series, the umbrella project plans to advocate for LGBT+ education and awareness, aiming to destigmatize assumptions about the said community. The week-long project’s advocacy-based activities include:

  • PRIDE E-Gallery done by the artists of FAST2019 (June 22 to June 26, 2020),
  • Rainbow Timeline and Community Survey, a research-based initiative parading the achievements of the LGBT+ community and the status of LGBT+ individuals in the University (June 23, 2020);
  • Iridescence: Journey through Rainbows, a showcase of stories filled with the turbulent struggles and joyous moments from anonymous students (June 24, 2020);
  • Discover BaCLA Network, a partnership deal with various LGBT+ organizations to help spread their advocacy (June 25, 2020); and
  • E-Forum Alpas, a webinar centering on breaking various stigmas linked to the LGBTQIA+ community (June 26, 2020; 4:30 pm – 7 pm).

Take a journey with us to be loud, be proud, and march to the beat of your own sound. Follow the FAST 2019 Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and announcements.

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