PRESS RELEASE: CLA 119 Week—Celebrating the CLA Pneuma Amidst The Pandemic

As the Frosh Experience slowly comes to an end, the doors to new experiences for ID 119 is gradually opening itself. In a month’s time, approximately 1,100 students of De La Salle University’s College of Liberal Arts (CLA) will progress in their academic careers as new sophomores.

However, many students were left dismayed after the total cancellation of face-to-face classes due to the grave complications the COVID-19 pandemic has imparted on the globe, and CLA’s ID 119 are no less than victims of the repercussions and inconveniences brought about by it. Alas, opportunities were indeed snatched away from the hands of students who showed enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder for their first taste of college life.

Nevertheless, DLSU FAST2019, the batch government, still assures its student body of a full circle with their frosh experience despite it being held in an online platform. With activities and projects that will reinforce the foundational prowess of CLA students, FAST2019 introduces the much anticipated CLA 119 Week, an event encouraging inclusivity, proactiveness, and empowerment among the diversified communities housed within the college. Along with esteemed partner organizations, CLA 119 Week aims to provide holistic building of one’s career goals, strengthening self-image, and promoting the voice of the youth.

Even during a pandemic, student representation should still be given utmost attention. “Especially during these times, our batchmates should be heard more. We should be given more holistic engagements with our inner capacities and with external opportunities. During these trying times, CLA 119 Week will serve as an avenue to become beacons of progress.” says Verrick Sta. Ana, FAST2019’s batch vice president and one of CLA 119 Week’s project directors. The presence of FAST2019 has been vital in creating a safe space for CLA students inside and outside DLSU.

FAST2019 has hosted numerous successful activities in the past. This includes the ARTSvocacy Journey: Artists of FAST2019 which centered around art empowerment in the context of social issues such as Mental Health and Women’s Rights, which followed a second installation entitled PRIDE, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. FASTen into the Future was also a revered project that showcased the willingness of FAST2019 to address students’ concerns about online classes. These activities are some examples of what FAST2019 has in store for CLA students.

The batch government has prepared several projects encapsulating the three intertwining concepts of CLA 119 Week. CLA 119 Week will also feature sets of ambassadors ranging from athletes, scholars, artists, and many more. These students shall be spotlighted as representatives of what CLA 119 Week advocates for, including mental health consciousness, career-motivated foresight, and social awareness.

Events in the weeklong affair include donation drives catering to financially struggling CLA students, focus-group discussion pivoting on raising concerns with regards to online classes and generating solutions to potential complications met during said classes.

A Virtual Bazaar will also be held as one of the business-focused events, underscoring the presence of student-entrepreneurs. Culminating activities such as webinars, advocacy speeches, tutoring sessions, and mental health initiatives will also be conducted during the week. These talks shall spotlight youth-driven espousals discussed and scrutinized by respectable speakers through online conferences.

These events aim to prioritize holistic student welfare during this pandemic. The team behind CLA119 Week has invited both DLSU alumni and non-alumni speakers to talk about the importance of self-stability during times of crisis. FAST2019 has also partnered with DLSU’s Office of Student Affairs for the donation drive. Proceeds of the projects shall go to CLA 119 recipients under the Lasallian Student Welfare Program.

Grace Under Pressure: Working Through Troubled Waters

Despite it being held in an online platform, FAST2019 commits to exemplary student service by properly translating CLA 119 Week into a virtual event. While difficulties and hurdles are to be expected from the sudden shift of face-to-face to online, CLA 119 Week is still made possible through resource maximization, effective data-gathering, and internal and external cooperation.

“It took some tweaking here and there. Like for example, we had to devise a way to conduct online bazaars utilizing virtual platforms instead of a physical venue. Our event is also very webinar heavy, ranging from creativity-centered workshops to course-specific webinars,” Ysabel Dinsay, one of the project directors of CLA 119 Week said. She also explains how essential teamwork is when it comes to the conceptualization and execution of these projects. The Central Committee members were able to deliver through systematic collaboration.

Preparations for CLA 119 Week have begun as early as July. FAST2019’s vigilance towards the creation of projects proves how dedicated CLA students are in assuring a healthy and safe learning experience for the incoming sophomores. Ever since the idea of the week-long event was conceived, developments and arrangements were meticulously handled by the project teams. CLA 119 will definitely be an event freshmen will look forward to.

CLA 119 Week was made as a response to the need for self-discovery among liberal arts students. It aims to open opportunities for all students to achieve unified development amidst diversity in interest, goals, and advocacies. CLA 119 Week, spearheaded by FAST2019 project directors and their central committees, guarantee a fulfilling week of inclusivity, proactivity, and empowerment for the last remaining months of CLA ID 119 students as freshmen.

Write up by Andrea Mendoza

By The LaSallian

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