PRESS RELEASE: ILDP 2020—Choosing to be Catalysts of Peace

ILDP 2020: Choosing to be Catalysts of Peace is a ​ global online conference hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs of the University Student Government that will shed light on creating a better environment by always choosing peace. It will address this year’s pillars, namely: violence, social inequality, and poverty. The event will partake on October 16 – 17 2020 at 8 AM – 11 AM PST and is in partnership with De La Salle Philippines and the Office of Young Lasallians. For more than a decade, the community has been celebrating International Lasallian Days for Peace and for this year’s theme it will be “I CHOOSE PEACE!”.

This year’s ILDP is made to gain knowledge from notable local and international speakers such as ​ Riza Torrado , Ms. Maryann Donohue-Lynch, Ms. Fatou Wurie, Dr. Shahbaz Khan, and Br. Armin Luistro​ . Through this online conference, various Lasallian students from different parts of the world will be invited and their newly acquired knowledge would be utilized in creating plans of action that will create peace within our community. Moreover, various organizations such as ​ LSDC- FOLK, LSDC-STREET, and INNERSOUL ​ will be performing. Lastly, this project aims to unite the Lasallian Community and to encourage them to always choose peace as a response to different societal issues. The Lasallian Community strongly believes that peace is still attainable and that they have hope that as one community, we would still choose peace to get through difficult times. Though we are apart, it is not impossible to choose to make our world a better and safer place for all.

Project Heads​: Juliane Rising, Eliza Reducindo, Kyla Arriola, Rai Nivales

By The LaSallian

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