PRESS RELEASE: Frosh Welcoming 2020

It’s that time of the year again at De La Salle University!

Aside from the university opening another academic year, it is also the time for welcoming the newest batch of Lasallians. The Council of Student Organizations (CSO) has set the stage again for ID 120 with one of DLSU’s biggest annual events, Frosh Welcoming, grooving in with the theme “Froshella” for this year.

Froshella, which came from the combination of the word “frosh” and the famous American music and arts festival “Coachella”, is a music-inspired event that serves as an indoor getaway not only for the froshies but also for everyone! This will happen on October 30, 2020 from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

CSO redefines the rhythm of “digital welcoming” as it transforms the virtual platform with the unmistakable energy of the cheers that used to fill the halls of the University in this annual event. The podium is all set with featured artists from the local music scene to serenade our freshmen with lively beats and sentimental tunes that are certain to ramp up the excitement as they get their first glimpse of the animo culture.

Besides the online concert, theFrosh Welcoming is also an opportunity for the incoming ID 120 to have their first peek into their respective colleges and jive with the 48 student organizations that will cater to their interests and passions and will surely enrich their experience as they take their first step in their Lasallian journey.

A lot of “firsts” indeed — fitting for a fresh start and resounding for this first-ever digital Frosh Welcoming! For more updates, check out our official social media accounts: DLSU CSO: Frosh Welcoming and Annual Recruitment Week’s Facebook page:, Twitter: and Instagram:

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