PRESS RELEASE: Mapping Future Possibilities—Technology Summit 2020

La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) is a professional organization of De La Salle University. It aims to develop its members to become professionals in various computing fields and inspire students to be innovators for God and country. This year, La Salle Computer Society plans to leave a mark on the entire learning community with its 8th rendition of Technology Summit.

Technology Summit is an annual flagship event of LSCS that aims to highlight the latest trends and innovations in technology. This event features exhibits and seminars where participants can immerse themselves with the latest technologies and innovations. As a result, Technology Summit has consistently left its participants with a better understanding of technology along with a stronger passion for innovation.

Last year, Technology Summit 2019: “Branching out to Different Fields” had different booths and talks that revolved around the different technologies that made an impact in the field of information technology, business and entertainment.

This year, Technology Summit 2020 “Mapping Future Possibilities” aims to showcase different technologies that are rarely known but are widely used in the industry; showing how these technologies have advanced and how it can have a big impact in the future. This event aims to inform of the rapidly evolving technology in the present. A three day culminating forum will be held for those who are interested in learning more about the various technologies that we will be showcasing. The event will be held on November 7, 14, & 21 via Zoom and will be streamed on a Private Facebook Group.

This year’s Technology Summit would include topics such as 5G Networks, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Figma Workshop, Game Development, Mixed Reality, Mobile Development, Quantum Computing and Future of Technology in Business. By attending the event, the participants would not only garner further knowledge from the variety of topics being offered, but it would also be beneficial to their growth as professionals.

To know more about Technology Summit 2020, visit DLSU Technology Summit’s Facebook page.

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