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Cignal TV chief Galang bares plans for UAAP airing

Despite the cancellation of the 83rd season of the UAAP, a hopeful future still awaits the league on TV screens, with a new five-and-a-half-year partnership with Cignal TV inked just last October. Having exclusive broadcasting rights, the satellite provider will get to air a number of sporting events live on its One Sports channel and across its different multimedia platforms. Though the prospect was supposed to take form in the now-cancelled season, the exciting collaboration can nonetheless stll be expected to present an engaging and expansive coverage that further strengthens the foundation of the UAAP.

The company’s President and CEO, Robert Galang, shares with The LaSallian how their station plans to proceed with showcasing the various sports and in-depth narratives of the prestigious tournament.

Combined strengths

With UAAP being a renowned association that has produced respected and phenomenal athletes on the local and international stage, it was a “natural” decision for Cignal TV to woo it. “Sports [has] always been a passion and an advocacy of the MVP Group [of Companies]. It’s already in our DNA,” Galang proudly says. Their institution has been a familiar face in following the milestones of the growth and development of different players across the nation.

“When we talk about platforms, we’re talking about unparalleled reach for the league. We’ll be able to provide more ways to watch the games,” he illustrates. While the uncertainty of the UAAP is still lingering, the company is eagerly preparing, with all hands on deck once the next season begins. Setting themselves apart is their “superiority” and “expertise” in the field, which could allow enthusiastic fans to enjoy the action on several platforms. 

However, despite the excitement, Galang bares that the health and safety of their crew, the student-athletes, coaches, and officials should still be the paramount priority. For the meantime, Cignal TV is cooking up new ways to entertain and attract the audience during the hiatus. “There are so many subjects that we can feature. It has to be year-long for people to see content on multiple platforms which will keep us updated on what’s happening in the schools and in the league, especially the athletes,” he affirms. The continuing joint effort of their station and the UAAP will offer the best experience for the viewers and will eventually pave the way once the heated competitions take place. 

Big plans ahead

With the UAAP moving over to Cignal TV, there is going to be a definite shift when it comes to the content and the presentation of this prestigious collegiate league. There are big plans in store and several projects already in place or at least in preparation, in order for the audience of the competition to have a more immersive and engaging experience.

A key goal for Cignal TV this year is to create a more engaging experience for everyone at home whenever they would watch the games or consume any UAAP content that they present. “When it comes to coverage, it’s the number of cameras that we use, the super slow-motion cameras—it creates a more engaging and more exciting appreciation of the game. Plus, if you watch our channels we have a bunch of [sports] programs. We have the best commentators and analysts working with us,” Galang shares.

Availability is also something that Galang is thrilled to talk about, citing their multiple channels like One Sports and One Sports Plus and even their mobile streaming service. “The idea now is that the way to enjoy is not limited to TV, being able to give access to the viewers wherever they are and whatever time of the day.” Having multiple platforms to broadcast UAAP content from mobile to the different channels that they have: these are some of the modern options for every viewer.

Galang further discloses that, in addition to covering more sports, they also plan to provide more UAAP-related content beyond just games themselves. “We’re talking with the UAAP about having content before the actual games. In between the seasons, we should also be able to show archives or features, maybe even interviews about the players, coaches, even the schools. It has to be year-long for people to see on multiple platforms that will keep us updated on what is happening. Hindi siya ‘yung ‘pag natapos ang season, pahinga na, tahimik na. Dapat hindi ganoon, what we want is for it to be on-going with the UAAP,” Galang emphasizes.

(It’s not that we’re going to settle down when the season is done. It shouldn’t be like that.) 

There is no doubt that the UAAP will inaugurate a new era under Cignal TV. After what Galang has divulged on their future plans and goals with the long-loved collegiate league, fans of all ages should look forward to the variety of ways the station is going to cover the competition. Having found a new home, the UAAP and its audience can be expectant on what should be an exciting and engaging new experience.

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