Off the field assist: DLSU’s football teams reach out to their respective communities

Slowly but surely people have been trying to revive a sense of normalcy with their day-to-day lives.

But the reality is that the country is still trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and Filipinos have been looking for ways to help fellow countrymen in whatever way they could. The women’s and men’s football teams of DLSU thus decided to take the opportunity to collaborate and give back to their communities. Lady Booters team captain Bea Delos Reyes shares the inspiration behind and the ins and outs of their projects.

Finding a way to help

Football is more than just a game: it is a global sport that unites everyone, from those who play the sport to its audience, bringing joy and inspiration to everyone involved. With that, the DLSU’s two football teams came up with an idea to help their communities through the sport that they love. 

The teams along with their coaches have been conducting several online meetings in which they discussed how they could possibly help the people around them. “The idea initially came from our coach, and we talked about being able to help out even when we are indoors due to the pandemic. We [came] up with a plan [that] we will do a one-day football clinic for all ages. It was something we were all looking forward to,” Delos Reyes reveals.

“It was an innate thought during this pandemic to help those people affected. We thought that one way to ease the uncertainty of the situation is to engage in sports and boost their positivity even if we are all in our homes,” she comments regarding the teams’ plans moving forward.

Just last month, Del Rosario, along with the men’s football team captain Jed Diamante, rookie sensation Shai Del Campo, and several of the teams’ coaches, went to the office of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to donate P10,000 to the city in a display of heartfelt generosity.

Blazing a trail

It has been well documented how sports has benefited the physical health of individuals, but not as much has been said about its ability to help deal with the mental and emotional issues of people coming from different backgrounds.

This role of sports and fitness in society has also been magnified during the pandemic. Delos Reyes speaks about how this reason pushed them to start their workshop, “My teammates and I continue to help others through teaching football online and sharing knowledge about football, which has helped a lot of people cope with what’s in front of us.”

The former Rookie of the Year also emphasized how she views this deed as one of many that can push others to do their part in contributing to this vital cause. 

With their team chemistry, Delos Reyes finds that the program was able to be set up well and run smoothly. She advises others hoping to replicate their deed to also work as a team off the pitch, so they can succeed in their own efforts.

The Lady Booters’ head also addresses those still mulling over whether to commit with their own acts of charity, “One thing that I can advise [to] them is to always look at the bigger picture. Helping others is fulfilling and gives you hope that our small gestures can reach others,” she expresses.

Such endeavors have shown how Taft’s footballers live up to their Lasallian’s duty to serve those who are struggling during times of need and adversity.

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