LA amends partisanship rules, mandates LCSG needs survey as Chief takes LOA

Days before the campaign period for the Make-up Elections 2021, the University Student Government (USG) Legislative Assembly (LA) convened on January 13 for a special session. The body amended the political partisanship guidelines for USG officers and mandated Laguna Campus Student Government (LCSG) officers to distribute a needs assessment survey to students in their campus.

At the end of the session, Chief Legislator Jaime Pastor disclosed that he has taken a leave of absence and will not be able to preside over any succeeding sessions. He has placed EXCEL2022 LA Representative Brendan Miranda in charge in the interim.

Partisanship guidelines amended anew

A handful of changes were made to a previously approved measure that aimed to amend constitutional provisions on political partisanship. Revisions were added regarding the extent of an officer’s involvement during the campaign period in order to avoid “abuse”.

The guidelines now also include a clause that allows both elected and appointed officers to “freely exercise their right to free speech in our commitment to uphold a democratic government.” Adherence to the DLSU Student Handbook was also emphasized, with officers who would be found violating its policies on bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, and hate speech becoming subject to sanctions by the University and the Judiciary. 

Elected USG officers have also been allowed to file a leave of absence as they deem necessary but within the period mandated by the DLSU Commission on Elections.

Laguna Campus needs survey to be given out

In line with the University’s implementation of online classes this academic year, the LCSG is required to hand out a survey questionnaire in an effort to address the grievances, concerns, and suggestions for the improvement of Laguna Campus students’ online learning experience. LCSG LA Representative Michele Gelvoleo said that the results of the survey will help the LCSG and the Laguna Campus administration evaluate the condition of the students, while the Laguna Campus office will use the data for planning future activities to ease the students’ burden and relieve stress related to their academic workload.

LCSG President Miguel Batallones summarized the content of the survey questionnaire, which assesses the student’s experiences with the University’s student services and participation in school programs and activities. The survey also checks up on the students’ current situation and asks for suggestions on how to improve their online class experience.

Amid concerns on the handling of survey data, Gelvoleo assured that the information will be in the hands of the College Student Affairs Director.

By Orville Apostol

By Kim Balasabas

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