LA confirms new COA vice chairperson for admin


Voting 5-0-0, the Legislative Assembly (LA) approved the appointment of Kaycee Acis as vice chairperson for administration of the Commission on Audit (COA) earlier today, January 29, following the appointments of the commission’s chairperson and vice chairperson for audit two weeks prior.

Acis, who previously served as officer in charge of administration, seeks to increase COA’s online visibility beyond the units of the University Student Government (USG), sharing plans of posting COA’s activities and disclosing their auditing progress. “Everything basically is online, so we have to be more exposed to social media,” she said, adding that they intend to partner with other organizations for future events. “We just want our organization to be known to other organizations.”

Acis also shared that COA Chairperson Aimee Joyce Gepte had instructed her to coordinate with the commission’s Finance and Documentation Team and create a Google Form to simplify the process of submitting documents for USG units. 

In terms of internal activities, Acis plans to conduct talks on auditing topics as well as forums that would allow COA alumni to share their past experiences in the organization and how they translated those to real-life applications.

Team-building exercises will also be organized, she noted, after their members expressed in an internal survey that there were limited opportunities to engage with one another outside of doing audit work.  Termly residency requirements, which can be based on attendance in COA activities and meetings, are also being considered.

Legislators were also supposed to tackle a resolution on a clearance policy that would mandate USG units to comply with COA requirements. Gepte previously told the LA of her intention to create these guidelines during her appointment speech last January 15. However, Laguna Campus Student Government LA Representative Michele Gelvoleo requested the resolution be laid on the table to give them more time to hold consultations.

Chief Legislator Officer in Charge Brendan Miranda said that an emergency session may be held next week as COA “needs to actualize their proposal in preparation for the next term,” though he admitted that he would still need to check if a meeting can be held given the upcoming activity ban.

Meanwhile, CATCH2T23 LA Representative Allen Aboy revealed that the Assembly had been invited to present their online learning policy proposal, which was approved last week, to the Academics Council on February 10.

By Kim Balasabas

By Frank Santiago

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