PRESS RELEASE: Separated by Distance, Connected through Music: LYO’s Quaran-TUNES

As the months progress and uncertainty for the future grows,  we are once again faced with the overwhelming task of living in an uncertain world. Experiencing a tremendous amount of stress, unfortunately, has become a norm. In the past, we have clung to our hobbies and our companions as a means to cope and live. Now, with the restrictions imposed upon us in an attempt to curb the rising cases of COVID-19, all that has changed. Still, amidst uncertain times, there are still those who continuously seek to help and provide comfort to others.     

With the goal of helping people in mind, the Lasallian Youth Orchestra (LYO) has launched Quaran-TUNES, a three-part event that showcases the talents of its members. Through this event, they seek to provide people comfort and essentially give them a break from the fast-paced world that exists today. The calming melodies and enrapturing sounds are sure to comfort people from all walks of life. 

LYO has also answered the call to help artists in need, as Quaran-TUNES serves as a fundraising event for the Artists’ Welfare Project Inc. (AWPI). AWPI is a SEC-certified NGO that gathers Filipino artists from various disciplines and aims to provide aspiring Filipino student artists an avenue to pursue their passion for music. It strives to help aspiring musicians and guide them towards excellency, all the while tending to their love for music.

To date, LYO has released two episodes already. Episode one, which premiered on the 5th of March, featured the Rhythm sections of the orchestra. They performed various pieces such as “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder, “Don’t Know Why” by Kenny G, “Someday my Prince Will Come” from Disney’s Snow White, and more. Episode two, meanwhile, premiered on the 16th of April and featured the Winds section. The pieces performed during Episode 2 included “After the Love Has Gone” by Earth, Wind, & Fire, “Awit ng Barkada” by Apo Hiking Society, “Married Life” from Disney’s Up, and a variety of other pieces. 

Each piece was carefully handpicked with the intention of providing those listening with feelings of comfort and coziness. Beyond that, each piece had the goal of making people feel that they are not alone. It serves to make people realize that despite the physical distance between one another, we are still all very much connected – may it be through the notes we play, or the melodies that reach each one’s ears. Indeed, the past two episodes that premiered did not only reach the Lasallian community, but also those outside of it. Music, after all, has a special way of reminding us that we are not alone, and that we are connected to each other.        

So what’s next for Quaran-TUNES? On the 18th of June, the third and final episode will premiere. It will be performed by the orchestra’s String section and will feature pieces such as “Star of Love (Estrellita)” by Manual Ponce, “Romantic Flight” from DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, “I See the Light” from Disney’s Tangled, and more. Tune in by visiting LYO’s YouTube channel and Facebook page on June 18, Friday.

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By The LaSallian

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