PRESS RELEASE: The Show Goes on With Frosh Welcoming 2021—Frosh In the Limelight!

It is without a doubt that mixed feelings will arise upon entering college. It is a terrifying experience for most, while it is exciting for the rest. Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably created common themes of uncertainty, self-doubt, and instability, particularly for freshmen students who are heading off for their first year at De La Salle University.

Every student is rocked with a new reality, consequently garnering lost cohorts with a myriad of complex questions, problems with more convoluted solutions, and thoughts that may bloom into one’s terrifying future.

However, to keep the promise of a personal and transformative experience on both the academic and extracurricular engagement among undergraduate students, the university will utilize its tradition of Frosh Welcomingーan event designed to help students adjust to university life and offer important tips on how to kickstart their frosh journeys. Through the efforts and contribution of the Lasallian community, an accommodating guide in fully maximizing their time in De La Salle University.

This year, DLSU CSO in partnership with Facundo’s, Sole Provider Training Corp, Silvanas Las Piñas, and Universal Robina Corporation; Jack ‘n Jill Lush, Jack ‘n Jill X.O., Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster, and Nice & Natural proudly presents Frosh Welcoming 2021: Frosh In The Limelight. It is fashioned towards the spark of a Lasallian to direct their passion, that is, portrayed into a show, where they tailor their own stage in accordance to their stories and thirst for knowledge, driving them to unveil their maximum potential and becoming the unforgettable limelight of the show. In welcoming the lead characters of the event, the ID 121 could expect an abundance of revved up games, lively interaction among fellow batchmates and upperclassmen, remarkable prizes, and exceptional performances exclusively dedicated for all!

Students are encouraged to get their front-row tickets as the university takes a dive into the Organization Spotlight on June 19, a space where every freshman and fellow batchmates obtain a glimpse of their student life in the university.

Through these efforts, Frosh Welcoming 2021 is deemed to be a place where students can shine their brightest, hone their sense of belonging and enthusiasm for learning, and possess the values of a true Lasallian.

The stage is yours, Lasallians!

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