Rant and Rave: ‘Your Choice’ makes us ready to love

Just like the warmth of the morning sun, Seventeen’s music has a certain joy that never ceases to make one’s day. Consisting of 13 members with three subunits, Seventeen is a self-producing Korean-pop idol boy group serving powerhouse performances and diverse discography since their official debut six years ago. From their exhilarating Very Nice to the heartfelt Don’t Wanna Cry, Seventeen has made a name for creating highly-awaited, exciting, and multifaceted content.

Their incredibly charismatic comeback stages have captivated many, and their recent mini-album Your Choice is no different.  This time, we reminisce about the whirlwind feelings that come with falling in love—and the stories we hold on to the most. 

Seventeen reminds us that in love, we need both rain and sunlight to prosper. As flowers bloom at the right time and place, now is the time to fall head over heels in love as Seventeen takes us through a season of blossom and delight. 

Like the four seasons

Similar to most of their previous albums, we get the four unique blends Seventeen is known to bring to the table.

Whether it’s the swaggy vibes of the hip-hop unit, the bold and exciting numbers of the performance unit, or the ethereal ballads of the vocal unit, the group’s talents undoubtedly shine. 

Each subunit expresses their unique charms and chemistry. With their jaw-dropping performances and one-of-a-kind production, we experience Seventeen’s distinct style and genre—a love like no other.

Branches of love

Following the concept behind Wonwoo and Mingyu’s recent digital single Bittersweet, which tackles the complexity of love, Your Choice explores in depth the various forms of love. 

The mini album’s title itself conveys that love is your choice and your choice alone. During their comeback special, Mingyu explained how the group formulated the lyrics in each song to be broad enough to encompass all spectrums for each individual, making it relatable to as many people as possible.

True enough, the songs don’t necessarily just reflect on the romantic aspect of love. We are given tracks such as Ready to Love, which manifests how one can fall in love with a friend and hope that things work out in the future, and GAM3 BO1 talks about companionship and the many chapters it unfolds. 

We’re also introduced to other tracks like Same dream, same mind, same night, which delves into the shared history and feelings in a relationship, and Wave, which talks about how love gives us the freedom to yearn. Although these themes are strongly represented throughout the mini-album, the members encourage their listeners to interpret them however they want—after all, there are infinite kinds of love in the world.

However, it’s not just the songs that are worthy of note. The intense choreography and unique formations in tracks like Ready to love and Anyone simply leave the audience breathless. 

A different bouquet

The arrangement for their title track, Ready to Love, shows a different flair than Seventeen’s usual compositions. Their first song was co-composed by “Hitman” Bang, who has previously collaborated with other HYBE artists.

Woozi and Bumzu’s delicate yet impactful approach to their music is accompanied by Bang’s insertion of heavy beats and bass lines. Although this combination elevated the song’s emotional impact, it does not quite hit all the right notes of the quintessential Seventeen that veteran fans are used to. It might be unconventional, but its catchy tune and beats are a pleasant change from the mellow sounds that Seventeen normally steers toward.

Above heaven’s clouds

Your Choice inspires and brings people of different experiences toward a journey that they can wholeheartedly immerse in. The love that this mini-album creates blossoms ever so gently and carefully, serenading listeners with a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Well-made and rife with symbolism, Seventeen’s latest release brings much beauty and joy—a whispered reminder to love with all our hearts. Only time can tell whether we’re Ready to Love their next release or if we’ll have to ride away on Heaven’s Cloud. Until then, let us continue watering the flowers they have planted in our hearts.

Rating: 4/4

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