LA approves LSWP fund allocation, launches USG Student Services Hub

Through a Legislative Assembly (LA) session last July 23, the LA was able to approve the creation and maintenance of a Student Services (SS) Hub website. The body also approved a measure that will allow individual University Student Government (USG) units to allocate part of their remaining operational fund to the Lasallian Student Welfare Program (LSWP).

Streamlining the donation process

In coordination with the Office of the Executive Treasurer, USG units may choose to donate their remaining operational funds at the end of the academic year to LSWP rather than return the excess cash to DLSU. Offered termly, the program caters to student needs in various ways such as providing technology support, student emergency relief assistance, and COVID-19 vaccination subsidies. 

75th ENG LA Representative Veronica Espino explained that the resolution ensures easier coordination with the Student Care Initiative, the organization that partly manages the LSWP, in transferring leftover funds.

However, individual units will retain discretion on whether to allocate any amount of their operational fund for the LSWP. There is also no set minimum amount for the donation, nor are units obligated to donate to the program.

A new website 

In a resolution led by EXCEL2021 LA Representative Katkat Ignacio, the USG SS Hub will be formed under the Office of the Vice President of Internal Affairs, who will handle the overall management of the platform as well as compile the contents of its pages. 

The website would serve as a platform for relevant information about the University’s academic processes, policies, and documents. It will also feature directories and references for Help Desk announcements. 

Instruction details for pre-enlistment, enlistment, dropping and withdrawals, tuition payment and refund, and supplementary resources for special classes and petitions will be included on the website. Necessary processes and a timeline will also be provided for those who are shifting, transferring, graduating, filing for a leave of absence or grievance, and applying for a scholarship under the academic processes tab.

All USG units are expected to be involved in its operations to ensure the SS Hub remains relevant in addressing academic concerns. 

With this, roles are distributed among the different sectors of the USG. The Executive Committee, which is composed of the Executive Board, the Laguna Campus President, and the College Presidents, are assigned to manage the contents of the hub, while the rest of the Executive Branch, which include the batch government representatives, will be tasked with disseminating its contents.

On the other hand, the Judiciary will tackle student grievances and concerns, while the Office of the Secretary is responsible for publicity and site maintenance.

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