IE Week 2021: Focusing on flexibility and adaptability through the online setup

The Industrial Management Engineering Society (IMES) proudly presents IE Week 2021, a week-long culminating event celebrating the students and staff involved in the field. From July 26 to 30, the IMES hopes to unite the industrial engineering community and highlight the different facets of being an industrial engineer. 

Project heads Mika Arriola and Rein Gonzales emphasize that the focus of the event is to shed light on the “main goals of inclusivity and relationship building for everyone,” while simultaneously being in concordance with the purpose, mission, and vision of IMES. With the values of development and growth at its core, Arriola and Gonzales anticipate that those that participate in the event will better realize the role that oneness and unity play in adaptability and communication with their peers. 

In the same vein, Arriola and Gonzales state that this year’s IE Week sets itself apart from those in the past due to the myriad of projects that are incorporated into its lineup. “…It is different from [previously held] events because of the unique recreational activities that are unlike any other that we’ve had,” the project heads articulate. 

IE Week 2021 will be composed of the following programs with their designated dates. 

  • Game ka na ba?: July 26 

A Family Feud-esque game night for professors to participate in and enjoy, covering the different applications and aspects of the field and other trivia. 

  • Power BI: July 27

An activity that will center around a powerful software essential for the proliferation of skilled Industrial Engineering students.

  • Plunge: July 28 

A game night that is set aside for Industrial Engineering students, wherein they may form teams and compete against each other concerning a multitude of topics. 

  • Piglas: July 29 

A unique online escape room experience, designed by IMES’s very own Central Committee. 

  • Culminight: July 30 

As the night of culmination for IE Week 2021, it aims to showcase the different talents and expertise of Industrial Engineering students. There will be two parts to Culminight, with Kundiman focusing on singing talent and Likha centering around creative video creations. This activity will also include guest performances for a robust end to IE Week 2021. 

Arriola and Gonzales double down on the necessity of the grit and determination that Industrial Engineering students must develop. “It is always challenging and there are many obstacles along the road, but this isn’t a reason for one to give up on the course,” they posit. Through this event, students will certainly be able to “strive for the betterment of each other”.

Industrial engineering students interested in joining IE Week 2021 are highly encouraged to follow the respective IMES and IE Week Facebook Pages for updates about the event.

Marie Angeli Peña

By Marie Angeli Peña

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