ECG commences the DLSU ENGWEEK 2021

With the theme Katha, the Engineering College Government (ECG) launched the anticipated DLSU Engineering Week (ENGWEEK) 2021 which ran from August 9 to 13.

In these pivotal times, we have seen great changes to the industrial landscape of the Philippines. New goalposts have been drawn by corporations big and small. Common trends include increased investment toward digital infrastructure, renewed interest in cutting-edge technology, and the outmaneuvering of restrictions imposed by the pandemic. 

Starting on a high note, a seminar was presented by key speakers from the James Dyson Foundation. Machine Learning Tech Lead Dr. Wenjing Gao and Intelligent Machine Software Manager Marion Labios also spoke on topics such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

The mobile future

The opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology is certainly not beyond reach.  ENGWEEK 2021 also featured speakers from the Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) Corporation, who spoke on the new direction that Toyota Motors Corporation plans on implementing and all the opportunities that come with it. Central to the theme of the talk was Akio Toyoda’s vision of “bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all.”

Spearheading this vision in the Philippines, Toyota’s New Mobility Business (NMB) division—represented by operations support section lead Abraham Punzalan—which seeks to transform TMP into what he called a “mobility company”. 

These are, in essence, changes in the Toyota business model that treads toward people-centered development. Punzalan stated the vision and mission of NMB is to create “a free, safe, and comfortable mobility society for everyone” and being “a one-stop total mobility solution provider by building a business ecosystem for Toyota”.

Zooming in on specific plans, the manager of the mobility service planning business cluster, Jovie Roqueza, cited projects such as an automated shuttle system. He also brought up public transportation projects that responded to the limitations under the new normal. An example is the free booking service app, SWATRide, for point-to-point commuters that was done together with Delta Neo Solutions, a Philippine transportation company. 

Punzalan also brought up the synthesis of Toyota’s mission and vision known as “CASE” which stands for “connected” and “autonomous” cars, “shared”, and “electric”. For Toyota, the definition of automobiles is changing. CASE presents a wide range of potential for innovation. “Connected” and “shared” refers to the initiatives to create accessible vehicles, “autonomous” refers to the potential of AI-driven cars, and “electric” is about focusing on the use of electric vehicles. 

A week to remember

Beyond the academic and career-related talks, ENGWEEK also hosted activities such as quizzes, games, e-sports, and a showcase of the creative talents of future Lasallian engineers. 

Featuring the trendy and popular Mobile Legends and Valorant, the Haraya Cup event hosted an esports tournament for these games played by various teams of engineering students from DLSU and other universities. The team “Jinx Nation” and “Xtreme Elite Esports” won first place in Mobile Legends and Valorant, respectively. 

The talents of Lasallian engineers do not end there. In the “Culminight”, ENGWEEK featured the talents of engineering students as well as students from other colleges through performances. From musical artists playing their solos to performances by bands such as The Acquainted, ENGWEEK ended the weeklong event on a high note. 

Overall, ENGWEEK highlighted the passion of the future Lasallian engineers; though challenged by academics as well as the consequences of the pandemic and online learning, it is evident that the fire in their hearts still burns for a better tomorrow.

Eiji Sunagawa

By Eiji Sunagawa

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