Writer’s Recap: Rektikano rejuvenates the Animo spirit


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the expanse of unforgettable University-wide events was reduced to a simple, rectangular screen. However, that did not stop Lasallians from making the online experience equally memorable. The annual University Vision-Mission Week (UVMW) celebrated its return through Rektikano: Tinig ng Bayanihang Lasalyano, which brought about various events that aimed to ensure that everyone’s Animo spirit stays alive and bright.

The event spanned from August 16 to 20 and centered on the Lasallian core value of communion in mission. The UVMW also aimed to help those in need through its charity initiatives, encouraging and reminding Lasallians to give back to those who have helped us on our journeys.

Ready, set, ‘mine!’

Kicking off the week was the much-anticipated auction, “Animo Finds: A Benefit Auction, held via Facebook Live. The auction raised funds for one of UVMW’s primary beneficiaries, Lasallians Compassionate Action and Relief, which focuses on supporting the University’s manongs, manangs, ates, and kuyas.

All eyes were on the prizes as a collection of items up for auction were donated by well-known alumni athletes. Lucky bidders were ecstatic, with some fighting hard for national ice hockey team member David Samson’s ice hockey national team jersey or former Green Archer Andrei Caracut’s exclusive, custom-made Green Archers Paul George basketball shoes. Current and former Lady Spikers Michelle Cobb, Dawn Macandili, and Majoy Baron also joined by donating their F2 Logistics 2018 Championship Jersey, a signed F2 Logistics t-shirt, and an ASEAN Games 2018 national team jersey, respectively.

Other items were donated by actors and social media influencers who are currently studying at the University and alumni. Richard Yap donated six of his pre-loved button-down polo shirts and a sealed Obsession Night by Calvin Klein perfume. Meanwhile, former Green Tanker Enchong Dee donated a pair of unused Fred Perry tennis shoes. Even YouTuber Bella Racelis (II, BS-MGT) donated two cameras: a Canon M100 complete with its original packaging and a DJI Osmo Pocket. All in all, the auction raised a whopping total of P50,250 from the winning bids.

Battle of the wits

On the evening of August 18, wits were tested in “Korektikano: The Animo Trivia Night. Inspired by Jeopardy, the game tested players on their knowledge of the history and culture of our country and trivia about the University. For three rounds, the 10 participating teams raced to come out on top. Much like any game night, though, each round only let a certain number of teams through, and the number of contenders steadily decreased until five teams remained for the final round.

After much deliberation, three teams emerged victorious. Loud and proud as they stood on their virtual podiums, Animo Lifterz, Addicted sa MLS, and Team Toge won cash prizes and amazed the audiences with their trivia skills.

Show stealers

Finally, the virtual exhibit “Alam Mo Bo ‘To” featured five artworks that captured and critiqued the current political landscape.

Micaela Sandil’s (I, HUM-BIO) Choking Hazard placed third. “My piece is inspired [by] those people whose [voices] aren’t heard, people [who] experience hardships despite their way of living,” Sandil told The LaSallian. Her artwork expresses that as the election approaches, Filipinos should vote for the person who would lead our country well instead of inciting fear.

Meanwhile, second-placer Timothy Cordeta III’s (II, AB-ISE) Changel-Scamming focused on the prominent issues present before and during the pandemic. “We should still remember that the previous issues are still important and as relevant as the current issues,” he explained. 

The Death of Lady Justice in the Philippines, Maria D’s* winning piece, narrates the political catastrophes our country is facing. With the head of Lady Justice divided into three, the artwork sends a message that inequality stands side by side with politics. “Furthermore, it is also why most of the elements in my artwork are satires that aim to showcase how our current government handles our country,” Maria D expounded. 

In the end, all the artists agree that art can spark a difference. For them, it can have the power to deliver a narrative that is beyond words.

Not the last hurrah 

From exciting bids to cash prizes, Rektikano was able to shed light on the minds, generosity, and artistic skills of the Lasallian community. But beyond the prizes, its goal was achieved through highlighting each individual’s camaraderie and thanksgiving. 

An energizer for the morale of many, the UVMW certainly provided everyone who participated a quick escape from the troubles of reality. As the week ended, it reminded us that Lasallian creativity and innovative thinking will not waver despite challenging times. 
Names with asterisks (*) are pseudonyms.

By Alyssa Ann Dela Cruz

By Alessandra Pauleen Gomez

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