PRESS RELEASE: Let the games begin! The Frosh-lympic Games—Frosh Welcoming 2021

With the relentless adoption of online distance learning, starting university can definitely pose an intimidating and emotional experience, especially to the official freshmen students. They are afflicted with a rippled effect of convoluted thoughts regarding their first college journey—what will the social scene be like, which clubs and student organizations should one pursue, how will one find rapport online, and other myriad of questions that are holding out hope on making the most of their stay in DLSU—albeit the online setting. 

To respond to such musings as well as to assure the similar taste of a sublime experience on both the academic and extracurricular encouragement among these students, the vital role of Frosh Welcoming shall proceed amongst the ad hoc digital solutions. This annual event is specifically outlined for the first-year students to aid them with their shifted university life as well as to provide them a realm where they could learn and mold their growth as a Lasallian individual. 

This coming term, the DLSU Council of Student Organizations (CSO) in partnership with Lasallian Ambassadors humbly bestow the theme of The Frosh-lympic Games: Frosh Welcoming 2021. As the actual Olympics encapsulate the three values of friendship, excellence, and respect through the biographical narratives of its Olympic athletes, this event would constitute the same foundation for the coming Lasallians to provide not just the traditional fun and interactive “first Lasallian experience”, but to promote the Lasallian bond, culture, and education through an inclusive and healthy partake of growth and belonging in the Lasallian community. 

Froshies—frosh-letes if you will, are welcomed through the ample efforts and contribution of the FW20T1 Team in the form of a buoyant interaction among fellow batchmates and upperclassmen, engaging mini-games, convivial frosh mixers and challenges, compelling prizes, and a valuable fundraising activity dedicated not just for our Lasallian frosh-letes, but for the general student body as well. To further maximize their time, students are highly encouraged to participate in the event’s Org Marathon, where it shall run for a total of 9 live events and propagate an interactive avenue whilst featuring the different clusters of organizations within the university. 

The dates and clusters of the Org Marathon are of the following: 

October 22, Friday: LAmbs (Lasallian Ambassadors) + CSO (Council of Student Organizations)

October 25, Monday: PROBE (Professional Organizations of Business and Economics)

October 26, Tuesday: ENGAGE (Engineering Alliance Geared Towards Excellence) + ASO (Alliance of Science Organizations) 

October 27, Wednesday: CAP 13 (College of Liberal Arts Organizations) 

October 28, Thursday: Special Interest 

October 29, Friday: Volunteer Orgs 

November 3, Monday: CAO (Culture and Arts Office) 

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