PRESS RELEASE: This is it, seniors! DEVINT launches THESIS IT!: A Senior’s Ultimate Guide to Acing Thesis Year

No student has not encountered a bad writer’s block-inducing requirement. Whether you’re a senior stuck on their thesis or a regular student that wants to get good grades, Development Initiative invites you to THESIS IT!: A Senior’s Ultimate Guide to Acing Thesis Year

Senior students begin their thesis year with the stress and confusion that comes with the most important part of their years of study in their program. This senior research paper is broken down into sections, all distributed per term, which the project has been patterned from. But as much as the technical parts of the paper are important, the writing process cannot be ignored. 

The project’s first chapter will be held on January 8, Saturday from 1 to 3 pm, bringing in insights from the Department of Political Science and Development Studies professors and alumni about formulating methodical research questions and a comprehensive literature review, as well as on developing good team collaboration, efficient management skills, and self-care tips that will all ensure a smooth-sailing year ahead. 

Comprehensive, right? 

And, most importantly, universal enough that even non-thesis writers can attend and learn a thing or two about writing any academic paper

If you’re interested just as much as we are excited, pre-register now at For more updates, follow our official accounts on Facebook and Instagram! 

All in the name of development.

By DLSU Development Initiative

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