PRESS RELEASE: DLSU faculty launches startup offering CCTV solutions for LGUs, businesses

A team from De La Salle University’s Center for Automation Research of the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Computing, and Networking (AdRIC) will launch its flagship product, a top-performing,  smart application traffic monitoring solution called TITAN on February 24 at 4PM via Zoom.


The team, VISON Technologies, is one of the first startups from the College of Computer Studies. It developed the TITAN project in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine  Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD),  through the Funding Assistance for Spinoff and Translation of Research in Advancing Commercialization  (FASTRAC) Program.  

According to VISON Technologies, the TITAN product goes beyond the capacity of typical camera surveillance networks, as it can provide valuable insights for its target users such as LGUs as well as petroleum and real estate companies.  

This software system performs well with relatively cheap computing hardware and a conveniently accessible intuitive web interface. It can process videos of various traffic road scenes under different weather conditions.  

TITAN can track vehicles according to type and can generate useful traffic data such as traffic volume, traffic density, and speeds of movement. It can also identify concentrations of vehicular and human activity over long periods of time. 

With the precise collection of vehicular characteristic data, road operators can monitor and manage traffic flows in real time at minimum costs. Government and industry can also use this to draw up reasonable transport policy for the movement of passengers and goods. 

VISON Technologies said the project responds to the call to create a sustainable concept of mobility for urban cities, towards the development of environmental and safety policies in urban traffic. 

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