PRESS RELEASE: JEAP22 “Game Plan—Magnify Possibilities”

De La Salle University through the Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) will hold the first edition of the Biannual Job Expo 2022 on April 4 to 8, 2022 with the theme “Game Plan: Magnify Possibilities.” Unlike the virtual job expos of the previous year, this expo will be held via the newly launched LSLinks, the official career portal of DLSU-OCCS.

As a testament to the commitment to the mission of providing job placement services and career opportunities to the Lasallian community, DLSU-OCCS has partnered with Simplicity to launch LSLinks which will serve as the Job Expo’s online platform. LSLinks has services not only for DLSU students and alumni to search and filter through different work and internship opportunities, but it also allows company partners to manage career events and hold interviews. Along with many other features, LSLinks ultimately provides a streamlined yet comprehensive system for students and employers to connect with one another.

Even with restrictions gradually being lifted, the pandemic has undoubtedly brought lasting changes to our society. Industries have emerged to cater to this new normal and with the new career opportunities. We are entering a new paradigm for work as companies establish systems for remote work, and online services become more mainstream. This year’s theme “Game Plan: Magnify Possibilities” represents the Lasallian adaptability to these changes, allowing Lasallians to see new opportunities to grow and thrive from these situations which may seem without. Lasallian education endows Lasallian achievers the ability to adapt and succeed in our ever-evolving world.

Over 90 local and multinational companies from different industries, together with several non-government organizations (NGOs) and government agencies, will be participating in the Virtual Job Expo. Each company has its own profile in LSLinks where students can easily find a description of them, as well as their contact details and the opportunities available at that company. During the Job Expo week, students can join 1-on-1 or group calls hosted by these companies in LSLinks to personally talk with their representatives. This replaces the Zoom breakout rooms used in previous Virtual Job Expos. Company events for larger audiences will also be hosted on LSLinks for companies to showcase their career opportunities and corporate culture to the Lasallian community. Students can view and register for these through the “Events” functionality of LSLinks.

More details on the DLSU Virtual Job Expo such as the list of participating companies, company events, and internship & recruitment opportunities are available via our E-Primer Kit: For those wanting to try LSLinks themselves, it can be accessed through the following link: To learn how to set up and use this new career portal, kindly refer to the LSLinks Student Manual in the E-Primer Kit.

This virtual Job Expo dares the whole Lasallian community to up their game plan and magnifies possibilities! Current DLSU students can already access LSLink using their active DLSU email addresses via Google Sign In while alumni must sign up for an LSLink account.

Stay tuned for important announcements and updates by following our social media platforms: DLSU Career Services on Facebook and @DLSU_OCCS on Twitter and Instagram.




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