PRESS RELEASE: EXCEL2024 launches Halalan2022—Through an Economic Lens

EXCEL2024 spurs discussion on candidates’ economic platforms the week before the 2022 National Elections with their launch of HALALAN2022: Through an Economic Lens, an interactive information campaign featuring a four-episode podcast for the ID 121 students of the School of Economics. 

The week-long, 4th hour activity aims to highlight and transfer knowledge on the economic platforms of each presidential candidate, by pressing the flesh on four salient economic issues: Labor & Industry, Development, COVID-19 & Health, and Education, with invited experts. 

Listeners may catch all following releases on EXCEL2024’s Spotify account (EXCEL2024) from May 4 to May 7, 2022. All supplementary publications will be uploaded for viewers on EXCEL2024’s Facebook page (@DLSUEXCEL2024) and Instagram account (@DLSUEXCEL2024). 

EXCEL2024 is looking forward to fanning the culmination of the 2022 National Elections. Everyone is invited in stirring the conversation between the economic agendas and issues pooled by the presidential candidates of the country. Tune in to cast your interest in voting for the right leaders!

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