PRESS RELEASE: CES presents CE Career Week 2022— Expanding Horizons for a Brighter Future

Scouting for work opportunities is one of the most challenging and important tasks of a fresh graduate. Many graduates don’t know what to expect as entering this new chapter brings a mix of emotions. While some would feel excited to finally start working, others would feel confused as they try to foresee what the future has in store for them. However, regardless of what you would possibly feel, expect that this change would inevitably take into effect in your life. 

With this in mind, the Civil Engineering Society (CES) has created an initiative to walk you through the possibilities after graduation with CE Career Week 2022: Expanding Horizons for a Brighter Future. This flagship event aims to give students a better grasp on what to expect in life after college. Through the various seminars, CES hopes to provide students with insights about the industry with the overall goal of establishing students that are well-prepared and more than capable for the real world. 

Join us this coming June 2-11, 2022 as we prepare you for the future! Participate in LIFE AFTER GRADUATION on June 2, 2022 where experiences after graduation, including board exam preparations and resume writing, will be tackled. Understand the importance of networking, emotional intelligence, and communication skills through BUILDING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS on June 4, 2022. Finally, learn about job opportunities from various companies of each Civil Engineering specializations in COMPANY RECRUITMENT TALK on June 10-11, 2022 

Register now at and check out our Facebook page, for further details. We look forward to seeing you as we expand horizons for a brighter future! 




By DLSU Civil Engineering Society

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