PRESS RELEASE: DLSU JEMA presents FUSION – Building Marketing Pioneers

The Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA), the leading premier marketing organization from De La Salle University – Manila, proudly presents its biggest event of the year– FUSION: Building Marketing Pioneers.

FUSION is a month-long exciting build up of activities that allows participants to discover the universe of marketing. From introducing what the Marketing Management course in DLSU has to offer, to exploring the different career paths, and providing a training ground to equip future stellar marketing leaders with the necessary skill sets.

Ready for take off? Join us as we navigate through the FUSION galaxy:

Discovery Webinar Series

Curious to know more about the different career opportunities marketing has to offer? The Discovery Webinar Series will feature diverse marketing professionals from various industries and share what a marketing pioneer needs to conquer the stars! 

Discover: The Online Odyssey

Discovery: Traversing into E-Commerce

Case Competition

Once you finish discovering the secrets of the marketing universe, get a chance to win a CASH PRIZE OF 15,000 PESOS by putting your knowledge and critical thinking to the test in a 21-Day Case Competition journey.

This unique experience will give participants the opportunity to be mentored by professionals from EON, one of the largest independent, Filipino-owned, and award-winning integrated communications firms in the Philippines.

Speed Recruiting

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to a company interview? Looking for an internship or seeking a job to jumpstart your career? 

Speed Recruiting is a round-robin style simulation of what it’s like to be interviewed for an internship or job position. Real company representatives will be facilitating the activity and reviewing your resumes so be sure to dress and impress as they may even have opportunities to offer.

*Participation in any of the activities is FREE

*All activities are open to ALL Senior High School and Undergraduate Students Nationwide

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By: Jam Alfad & Bianca Cerdenia

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