PRESS RELEASE: National Finance Congress 2022: Strengthening Financial Stability In The Present, For The Future

“Like any other form of learning, financial education should ideally start at an early age. This process should also continue throughout life as it helps people gain the necessary skills required to make sound financial decisions.” – Alas Greenspan, an economist. Learning at its most basic, as we know, is a lifelong process. Right from the very moment we have babbled our first few words as a baby, to achieving our educational aspirations, learning and developing literacy has always been present in our life as a fundamental. With learning and literacy, practicality should come into place; literacy isn’t just all about learning how to read and write. Being literate in each and every aspect of our life is essential, and one of those aspects is our financial standing. 

Given how complex financial literacy can be considering all different trends, current shifts and various financial investments in the industry, it has become an exigency to bite the bullet and have a sense of awareness to enhance our financial knowledge. Because after all, in conjunction to what an author named Orrin Woodward has once asserted, A person either disciplines his finances or his finances disciplines him.” These two instances are not something that we have to sit on the fence with. But as disparity continues to run through its course in the world, not every single individual can afford the luxury of time or chance to equip themselves with this knowledge on financial literacy. 

With everything that has been laid out, this is the very rationale why the Management of Financial Institutions Association (MaFIA), an accredited professional student organization of DLSU, will be hosting a reiteration of one of its annual flagship event called National Finance Congress 2022, with a theme: ‘Strengthening Financial Stability In The Present, For The Future’. This event ultimately envisages to promulgate financial proficiency’s significance and empower the youth to strive for development and success holistically, by the means of optimizing and enhancing their awareness to a slew of topical financial trends topics. The event will be free-of-charge and will take place via Private Facebook Livestream on May 28 and June 11, 2022 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Commensurating the ongoing circumstances, the event, alongside with the help of COL Financial, ING, GCash, and many more, will hold a series of webinars featuring several esteemed speakers that will instill the participants the importance of Financial Technology and Wealth Management for the first session and Investments and Insurance for the following session.

To attend the first session, all attendees must pre-register through this link: Keep in mind that the event is free of charge so don’t miss out on the opportunity! 

To keep afloat with the event and the pre-registration for session 2, keep in touch with MaFIA and NFC by following them on their social media platforms: 




Looking forward to spotting you to both sessions of the event! 




Write-up by: Ralph Manimbo 

Poster by: Stacey Yap

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