PRESS RELEASE: DLSU OVPEA presents ‘Does The Truth Set Us Free?’ A panel discussion and safe space for journalists

The University Student Government Office of the Vice President for External Affairs from the De La Salle University-Manila will be hosting a project entitled, Does The Truth Set Us Free? on June 10, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The event is a panel discussion that was created in pursuit of reminding Lasallians of the weight of what the press continues to do to uphold our democracy at a time that it is being challenged. This will be an avenue for students to hear first-hand accounts from multi-awarded journalists about the current state of press freedom in the country and what it is like to be a journalist in today’s political climate where fake news and disinformation is rampant. The event will greatly benefit the Lasallian community in strengthening the country’s fight for press freedom and combating biased and disinformation.

The event will invite several members of the press that have shown admirable courage in their pursuit of the truth in their respective careers to share with the Lasallian community their experiences and challenges that they have encountered as media practitioners. The discussion will revolve around the narratives of various exemplary journalists in the country who have shown courage and bravery in the pursuit of the truth in their field.

In celebration of World Press Freedom Day, the University Student Government invites the Lasallian community to hear the stories of our country’s journalists in the efforts of the press against disinformation.

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