PRESS RELEASE: DLSU Testfire—Where Personal Branding Meets Career!

DLSU Personal Branding Testfire: Building Your Name in The Digital World is an online conference happening this July 9, 2022 (Saturday), from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM catered towards how students can refine and define their personal brand in the pursuit of kickstarting their professional careers. 

This 2-hour event will include industry leaders from various start-up companies like MedHyve,, HDPRIME, and The Creative Folk that will share their own essential personal branding as well as its impact towards the trajectory of their career. Additionally, the event participants will be able to join networking sessions, and receive exclusive career opportunities! 

“With prestigious guests from different companies, we get to embrace and shape our personal branding, then leap into limitless opportunities where career-readiness and the transformed you intersect!” said Verrick Sta Ana, DLSU Testfire’s Event Director. 

With 4 participating companies and 15 partnerships with student organizations across the nation, Sta. Ana and the team behind Testfire is thrilled to bring forth an event that will bridge students to esteemed professionals in a myriad of industries and allow event attendees to test the fire within themselves. 

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