PRESS RELEASE: Lasallian Scholars Society Returns with Scholars’ Week 2022

L, S, S, L, eh-L, S, S…

Lasallian Scholars Society!

Lauding eight years of academic excellence, the Lasallian Scholars Society is back with its annual celebration, Scholars’ Week 2022, this July 25-29.

With the pandemic barring scholars from physically interacting with each other,  the event aims to unite scholars for a common cause. Scholars and Lasallians alike are given a chance to relax and unwind after an extensive and eventful term through a series of activities that center on the Lasallian Core Values. With Nickelodeon as its theme, Lasallians can expect fun-filled activities in this celebration like no other.

Starting the week with The UnstoppabLSS: An Open Mic Night, Lasallians are given a chance to express themselves artistically through an open mic event on July 25. This is followed by the Scholars’ Week’s Quiz Bee, TAFTest Challenge 2022, to be held the day after. Financial Literacy Series 2: To the Moon!, the second installment of LSS’ literacy series, will also be convened on July 27. Two activities will then take place on July 28: the Alumni Homecoming, which features LSS Alumni, and Whatever You Do, Don’t Chalk: Virtual Escape Room, a virtual escape room event that prompts scholars to work in groups to solve multiple puzzles and riddles as fast as they can to win. The organization’s second general assembly, Transcend: LSS’ 2nd General Assembly, will serve as the culminating event for the festivity; sub-activities such as raffles and recognitions of exemplary scholars will also be included in the assembly. And lastly, Scholar Spotlight will also be held throughout the weeklong celebration.

You may pre-register and know more about the events to be held during Scholars Week 2022 through this link:

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by Angekyla Baroquillo

By Lasallian Scholars Society

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