PRESS RELEASE: DLSU Job Expo August 2022

Game Plan: Realize Possibilities

A brand new and exciting journey lies ahead for Lasallians! De La Salle University through the Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) brings together the second edition of the Biannual DLSU Job Expo 2022 this August 8 to 12, 2022. Numerous challenges and opportunities await as we strategize moves, overcome hurdles, and unlock new levels.

The success of the first edition in magnifying possibilities last April 4 to 8, 2022, allowed Lasallians to recognize opportunities amid the ever-changing circumstances of our environment. This edition of the Job Expo encourages Lasallians to move forward to the next level and transform those possibilities into realities; hence, this year’s theme: “Game Plan: Realize Possibilities”.

The weeklong event bridges Lasallians–whether undergraduate or graduate students, or alumni–to internship and employment opportunities through partnerships with local and multinational companies. DLSU-OCCS has long upheld its commitment of raising the standards of learning and adapting in order to become globally competitive and employable. This commitment is evident in its continued use of LSLinks, powered by Symplicity, as the university’s Career Portal. LSLinks goes beyond simply providing users with information on different job opportunities as it also serves as an avenue for Company Partners to conduct interviews and host career events.

Over 80 local and multinational companies from various industries, along with several non-government organizations (NGOs) and government agencies, will be participating in the virtual Job Expo. DLSU students and alumni can interact with companies through three ways in LSLinks: (1) company booths, (2) company events, and (3) roadshows. Firstly, all Company Partners will have their own virtual booth where Lasallians can submit their resume and speak with a company representative either via 1-on-1 calls or group calls. Secondly, throughout the week, Diamond and Gold Company Partners will be delivering Career Talks on how Lasallians can be more employable and prepared for their future careers. Thirdly, as the Job Expo opens daily, the roadshow will feature the lineup of Company Partners for the day, briefly introducing their company, work culture, and career opportunities.

Further information on the virtual Job Expo including the list of participating companies, company events, roadshows, LSLinks manual, LSLinks video guide, raffle prizes, and other important details are available via our E-Primer Kit:

The DLSU Job Expo invites the whole Lasallian community to revisit their game plan and realize the endless possibilities that await! To access the Career Portal, current DLSU students must visit and sign in using their active DLSU email addresses via Google Sign In. Meanwhile, alumni must sign up for an LSLinks account.

Register now and get a chance to win a Php100 Giftaway Voucher, just attend any of the Job Expo Events (Company Booth, Company Event, Roadshow). As proof, make sure to register by selecting Attend in the event of your choice and answer the evaluation form Job Expo August 2022 Student/Alumni Feedback Form in the Survey Tab in LSLinks.

Stay tuned for important announcements and updates by following our social media platforms: DLSU Career Services on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @DLSU_OCCS on Twitter and Instagram.






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