LPEP 2k22, Frosh Welcoming: Frosh set foot on campus after two years

After two years of being confined to the virtual world, the Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program (LPEP) finally made its return to the physical grounds of DLSU. From August 25 to September 2, a total of 5,606 freshmen were welcomed by upperclassmen, faculty, and staff as they were taken on tours around the campus by the Lasallian Ambassadors (LAmbs). 

The return of the frosh

Frosh Welcoming, which was under the helm of the Council of Student Organizations (CSO), was composed of two main activities—the online Frosh Roulette and face-to-face Frosh Walk. The former was conducted for the freshmen to socialize with their batchmates online, with the event mechanics shuffling them into pairs for several rounds to converse with different people. 

The ongoing renovations of Saint Joseph Hall (SJ) meant that the Frosh Walk, traditionally held along the length of the SJ Walk, was instead held along the Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall grounds. Booths set up by various student organizations welcomed the freshmen to the beat of the Animo Squad’s drums, showering the frosh with giveaways and cheers as they passed through the hall after completing the last session of LPEP.

Behind the scenes

Student organizations played a significant role in ensuring the success of the event, as they  highlighted student life and culture in the University. LAmbs, CSO, University Student Government, and the Office of Student Leadership Involvement, Formation and Empowerment (SLIFE) were among the organizations that led the execution of the event.

Aspiring Core LAmb Kelly Anne Mañulit shared that the organization had to undergo technical, documentation, and personal preparations in accomplishing the LPEP activities. These included procuring the necessary equipment and coordinating with various University offices to secure permits.

“We set ourselves to be the best performers with grace under pressure,” Mañulit attests. “As heads of the event, we [were] expected to pull through no matter what.”

However, the organizers eventually encountered difficulties such as unfavorable weather, sudden changes in venues, and lack of manpower. Other participating organizations also had to take note of time constraints, expenses, logistics, and health and safety restrictions.

“There’s still the pressure of implementing projects face to face,” Ley La Salle President Gabrielle King highlights, “We only had a little time to prepare for [Frosh Welcoming]…but it’s really fulfilling [that] we’re able to accomplish everything now, considering the short transition period from the online to the face-to-face setup.”

King also shared her elation about conducting in-campus activities. “It’s nice that we get to experience being back [in campus] together and relive being a frosh.”

“The pandemic certainly stole the time and experiences that passed, but here we are—almost three years later, finally back on campus,” remarks Jimson Salapantan, a project head for Frosh Welcoming 2022. “There’s only one impression the organizers [wanted] to leave for the incoming frosh: ‘Finally, you’re home!’” 

New entrants

Some freshmen also relayed their excitement for the beginning of their college life on campus. “It felt nice to finally get back [into] the ‘real world’ after years of sitting in front of our screens to socialize and meet new people,” Hannah Dineros (I, BIO-MED) expresses.

“Finally being able to study in my dream school ever since I was a child felt surreal… you can definitely feel the lively atmosphere as soon as you enter the campus,” Andrei Tabbu shares (I, BS-PSYC).

When asked about their expectations for the coming years in the University, the students also conveyed their desire to make the most of their college experience. Tabbu mentioned that he could already see himself joining different student organizations. “I will surely try to make [the most] of my time here in La Salle and enjoy it to its fullest extent,” he expresses.

Meanwhile, DLSU President Br. Bernard Oca FSC imparted a message to the freshmen as the University administration played their part in welcoming students to a reopening campus: “I pray that they may truly experience what it is to be a Lasallian student…that they will [truly develop] their whole selves and that they will really be resources for our God and our country.”

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