PRESS RELEASE: PULO—The La Salle Dance Company – Folk’s 10th Anniversary Fundraising Dance Concert

The La Salle Dance Company – Folk (LSDC-Folk) will celebrate its 10th anniversary with PULO: The La Salle Dance Company – Folk’s 10th Anniversary Fundraising Dance Concert. More than a concert; it is a celebration between for a decade of successes and learnings. Pulo is also a celebration of culture and history being passed on to the next generation. The segments of this concert will be narrating LSDC – Folk’s history and journey. Dances from previous shows are staged by the current members of the company along with some of its alumni. A guest performing group from the Tboli community will also be performing. PULO will showcase the talent, commitment, and culture cultivated in the company for the last ten years. 

The beneficiaries of PULO will be students from selected public high schools in the Philippines. They will be able to view the concert and experience a different aspect of culture and arts. 

There has been no performance like this yet in the history of LSDC – Folk, and you are cordially invited to celebrate with us our history and culture. The concert will be held on October 14-15, 2022, on AnimoSpace for Arts Pass holders, Facebook and Ticket2Me for the general audience for PHP 250.00.

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