HIGHLIGHTS: Newly-ratified USG budget amended in special LA session

The Legislative Assembly (LA) convened yesterday, November 16, to issue corrections on the University Student Government (USG) operational budget, which was approved just last week. USG Executive Treasurer Caleb Chua was present to explain the errors in the allocations. 

Only clerical errors

Chua admitted that upon publication of the operational budget, the Commission on Audit approached his office and raised that it was different from their proposed budget. From P43,460, it was revised to only P7,000. Likewise, the operational funding for Commission on Elections was also amended from P20,000 to P40,000. 

The operational fund, in the context of the USG, is the budget that is given by the University administration annually. This is separate from the depository fund, which is gathered through donations or fundraising activities like merchandise sales and the University Vision-Mission Week.  

With the relatively significant net change to the fixed allocations, budgets for the other units increased. College government units now divided their funds from a pool of P327,600, compared to the original P319,699.21. The USG Executive Board offices, which settled for an equal amount of P42,626.56, will now get P43,680 each. 

Kim Balasabas

By Kim Balasabas

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