PRESS RELEASE: Lasallians vie to be the next $1 million Hult Prize idea – Watch the 2023 OnCampus Program

To make the world sustainable for generations to come, there is a long list of social issues that need to be tackled first. Creating positive change to address these issues is no mere task for mankind.

Hult Prize at De La Salle University (HP at DLSU) launched this year’s OnCampus Program, also known as the “Nobel Prize for Students.” This annual case study competition challenges students to build social enterprises that address social issues while generating profit. Garnering a total of 19 contender teams for this year’s event, the organization is on the lookout for the most competent and strategic team that can represent DLSU and the Philippines toward the next legs of the global $1 million USD competition. These contenders have been provided privileged training and mentorship sessions to prepare for their final pitch.

Happening in over 121 countries with the participation of over 3,000 universities and campuses, Hult Prize Foundation hosts its OnCampus phase, the first phase of the global $1M USD Hult Prize Competition, through HP at DLSU. The winners of the OnCampus Phase will advance to compete in the Regionals and continue to try their luck and critical thinking in winning the seed capital to change the world. The Hult Prize Foundation has been known to push young changemakers to become impact leaders and become pioneers of change within their localities. The organization has trained and graduated more than two million alumni across the world as of today.

For this year’s Hult Prize Challenge, the organization calls for a more sustainable fashion industry by “Redesigning Fashion.” Today, the fashion industry makes up the world’s third-largest manufacturing sector which comes at a detrimental environmental and social cost. The Hult Prize Foundation is exhilarated to see the potential behind the impactful startup ideas of young changemakers to spark change.

To watch the Top 5 finalists of this year’s OnCampus Program, stay tuned for pre-registration details by following HP at DLSU’s social media: 

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