PRESS RELEASE: Ignite the Excellence within through IMES Premier Summit 2022

Do you wish to ignite the excellence within you? If so, spark that flame of passion through IMES Premier Summit 2022: Igniting the Excellence Within, one of the biggest events of the year for the Industrial Management Engineering Society (IMES), one of De La Salle University’s top organizations under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO). This event will be held face to face on December 3, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM at the Multipurpose Room, 20th floor of Br. Andrew Gonzales Building.

With numerous industries throughout the world beginning to expand and grow, IMES Premier Summit 2022 wishes to brief future industry leaders on the different trends and topics that they will need in order to flourish in their future careers. This event will serve as a platform for student leaders to connect, bond, and interact with one another through different activities, including but not limited to: team-building games and exercises, interactive sessions with the participants, panel discussions, and even inspirational seminars and workshops from our esteemed speakers.

Seeing as how IMES is known for acquiring prominent and distinguished speakers throughout the year, they truly did not disappoint this time around. IMES Premier Summit 2022 will be having Mr. Jojo Hizon, co-founder of Sole Academy and Sole Mini as their invited speaker, to talk about “Being Proactive Leaders in the Post-Pandemic Era.” Aside from this, the event will also be having engaging activities, games, and freebies for the participants to enjoy all throughout.

What are you still waiting for? Join IMES Premier Summit 2022 and get the chance to ignite the passion and excellence within you!

You may register for free through: Registration is open to all DLSU students, though slots are limited so don’t miss out on this opportunity! Food will also be provided to all participants. Deadline for Registration is on November 30, 2022 so make sure to sign up now!

For more information about the event, make sure to follow the IMES Premier Summit 2022 Facebook Page:

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