Kyla Kingsu: Taking chances and striving for growth as a UAAP correspondent

Kyla Kingsu has connected with the audience through the screen, representing DLSU as its official UAAP Season 85 courtside correspondent.

Amidst the roars of cheers and support that can be heard coming from all directions in the adrenaline-filled stadiums hosting the UAAP Season 85 Men’s Basketball tournament, one lone woman can be seen standing amongst the towering Green Archers whenever the Taft-based squad stepped ontakes the court: Kyla Kingsu.

With the competition of Season 85 having started last October, the fourth-year Applied Corporate Management major has connected with the audience through the screenbeen telling the Lasallian community stories, representing DLSU as its official UAAP Season 85 courtside its official Men’s Basketball UAAP correspondent.

The courtside Green Archers’ reporter carries the famed mantle with grace has been a sight to behold, pushing herself to new heights and moving out of her comfort zone. Expressing her love for storytelling by narrating what happens on and off the court for athletes and sports fans alike, there is much more to Kingsu beyond the microphone of her famed role.

Broadening her horizons

In the case of Kingsu, hosting was something that she was not that familiar with growing up. Growing up, she found herself more active in other fields—specifically dancing. She started with ballet at the age of three but eventually transitioned to street dance at the age of 12. “I was known as a very busy student-dancer; moreover, I obviously spent long hours everyday training, which then limited my other extracurricular activities and time [that could be] spent pursuing other interests,” she shares.

Her interest in hosting was piqued solely by watching hosts work the room at the manner in which hosts bring a distinct form of energy to the events that she frequently attended growing up. Kingsu narrates, “I was always inspired by how the hosts brought so much life into the event, which everyone worked so hard for.”

From then on, this newfound passion of hers became her focus, and she began hosting online organization-led events for school organizations throughout the pandemic. Eventually, when the search for UAAP Season 85 correspondent began, the Lasallian student refused to let the opportunity pass her by applying and ultimately being selected for the position. “Entering a whole new world of sports broadcasting was initially overwhelming, but I also applied [myself by] being 100 percent committed and ready to put in the work to bring my dream to life,” she explains.

Stamping her wares on the camera

Pursuing her longtime dream of being a UAAP correspondent was under the radar for Kingsu throughout her stay in DLSU, but it was in her senior year that she finally grabbed the opportunity, “I never really announced it because I never thought I could make it without much experience in sports, broadcasting, or even hosting,” she admits. 

She acknowledges a legitimate challenge of being a UAAP correspondent, “[It’s] dealing with the fatigue and fast-paced nature of my work, but I do love what I’m doing so I cherish every single moment!” Kingsu feels grateful and blessed to be reporting for the Green and White, “I have the unique opportunity to really be involved with the Green Archers, attend their training, visit their dugout, write current reports from their huddles and bench, and simply just connect with the boys. In the middle of games, I sometimes just [caught] myself in a moment of pure bliss and gratitude to be living such a surreal experience,” she reveals.

Exceeding expectations

Venturing out of one’s comfort zone and transitioning into something new is, most definitely,  a difficult  challenge to overcome. Kingsu admits that she felt a lot of internal pressure upon recognizing the expectations brought upon her—not just from the UAAP and the Lasallian community, but also from herself.

Despite being under the spotlight as a sports correspondent, Kingsu acknowledges that she is not the star of the show.

Instead, she wants her reports to spark meaningful discussions in order to have the hard work and effort of the athletes get recognized for more than what the fans can see inside the court.

“I put in many hours and days [toward] researching, watching, and learning the sport, the team, and the UAAP in general in hopes of being able to deliver my very best,” she explains. 

Before La Salle’s early departure from the Men’s Basketball tournament, Kingsu had been stellar in a fast-paced and pressure-packed environment, encapsulating the key to her progression, “I learned the importance of keeping a growth mindset since there’s always going to be room for improvement. Throughout my journey, I have always made it a point to actively listen, observe my fellow correspondents or panel and ask them for comments, so that I can continuously become a better member of the team,” Kingsu posits.

Being a UAAP correspondent allowed her to realize her potential in the field that was once just a dream, but Kingsu knows that she is just getting started.

Beyond the collegiate scene, she hopes to continue pursuing her newfound love for telling stories in the near future—may it be through reporting, hosting, or other related careers. With the energy and enthusiasm that she brings in whatever she does, Kingsu is definitely a stellar presence both on and off the screen. 

She leaves the readers with a nugget to assimilate, “I still find myself feeling nervous right before airing, but I guess it comes from my desire to really give justice to the team and the broadcast through my reports. I learned to just embrace the nerves and keep practicing; as they say, ‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway!’”, Kingsu discloses.

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