PRESS RELEASE: DuLa Salle 2k22 Campus Santo—Lasallian Urban Legends

De La Salle University’s premier theatre organization DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild (HTG) makes its long-anticipated on-stage comeback with DuLa Salle 2k22 Campus Santo: Lasallian Urban Legends, after three years of online productions. The annual DuLa Salle aims to showcase the artistic talents and managerial capabilities of the new recruits as they inculcate discipline and perseverance in crafting original stories set on the stage. The stories revolve around the iconic locations within the DLSU Manila campus along with their associated urban legends; Laboratory: Burnout, Elevator: In Loving Memory, Chapel: Stained Ghosts, Classroom: Devil’s Coin. 

This season, DLSU HTG enriches its “Passion Over Fame” mantra with a show of four one-act plays based on the popular tales and folklore unique to certain locations inside the university. Campus Santo explores the genre of horror through theatre in telling the stories of the evolving students and culture inside a historic university. 

Campus Santo might come off as a typical horror production of eerie music, blood-curling jumpscares, and macabre, but the messages it aims to imbue to the audience go deeper than simply wanting to terrify them. Campus Santo was cultivated not to merely cause fear, but to highlight DLSU’s rich history and the stories that have cascaded years after such events happened. People are naturally scared of ghost stories, but Campus Santo aims to retell these testimonies while preserving their truth and sanctity: that these spirits–who people continuously fear–were once humans too. These ghosts who continue to roam the campus still have their own stories to tell. 

Like all DuLa Salle productions of the past, DLS 2K22 once again proves that determination and passion for the arts are essential keys to successfully producing an onstage performance. Given that this production is a Play Festival, each member who took part in staging these plays exemplified competitive spirits in light of camaraderie. This pushes said members to polish themselves and shine as student-artists. These efforts will be recognized during HTG’s annual award ceremony called the Gabi ng Parangal

Witness firsthand DLSU HTG’s theatrical comeback, now in an innovative HyFlex setup. The shows are set to be staged live on March 9 to 11, 2023 at the Amphitheater, De La Salle University, Manila Campus while being live-streamed via Ticket2Me to cater to online audiences. 

WHEN: March 09 to March 11, 2023 

WHERE: DLSU Amphitheater for onsite audiences and Ticket2Me for online audiences 

Onsite tickets have sold out, experience theatre online by buying livestream tickets at 



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