LA rules amended; new set of batch executives, legislators resign

The third Legislative Assembly (LA) special session last February 8 saw the resignation of several batch executives and legislators, along with the adoption of amendments for LA rules to adapt to changes in the University’s policies and their offices. 

Adjusting the LA rules

According to the bill amending the rules of the LA, regular LA sessions will now be held according to University’s assigned break hours and not necessarily on Wednesdays and the usual 3 pm schedule to cater to any changes that will be made by the University. LA sessions not held during the University break will be considered as a special sessions unless they are emergency meetings. 

With  regard to  LA sessions, the chief legislator may now opt to withhold meetings on the following grounds; if there are University-wide events, disasters and calamities, and other events that will hinder the presence of the majority of the legislators. 

Furthermore, recordings of  LA sessions will now be released through the social media account of the Legislative Assembly.

Chief Legislators will also now be responsible to monitor and provide administrative support to the College Legislative Boards (CLB) and other units under LA. 

The CLB shall now be composed of committee directors and members of each committee under the CLB, alongside the college’s batch and campus legislators. However, voting powers for bills within the CLB will remain with the batch and campus legislators. In any case that an assembly cannot be recorded, a summary of the LA session will be posted on DLSU USG’s official social media account. 

Multiple batch executives, legislators step down 

CATCH2T24 Batch Legislator Lana Leigh Santos and EDGE2019 Batch Legislator Chinah Gabrielle Marpa vacated their positions due to personal and academic reasons. Both Santos and Marpa have served their respective batches since October 2021. 

FOCUS2019 Batch President Miles Fernandez, Vice President Marie Yvette Villareal, and Legislator Allysa Ysabelle De Mesa have also stepped down. No replacements will be made as the students of FOCUS2019 are a graduating batch. 

Other approved resignations were those of 74th ENG President Blesilda Mae Padolina, Batch Vice President Adem Marione Inovejas, and Batch Legislator Didi Rico; FAST2019 Batch Legislator Jansen Lecitona; and CATCH2T23 Batch Legislator Keil Christopher Finez. 

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