Head On: Sheri Rawash seeks more career opportunities, better student services for COS

Expanding opportunities is Tapat bet Sheri Rawash’s priority in ensuring a more future-ready COS.

With her extensive experience in serving within her batch unit, FOCUS2021 Batch Vice President Sheri Rawash now envisions herself taking on bigger roles within the College of Science (COS) as she eyes the top spot in the Science College Government (SCG) under Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista’s slate.

The LaSallian: Having a lot of experience as an officer within your batch, how do you think this will help you maximize the use of your batch units?

Sheri Rawash: As the previous SS (Student Services) Director and the incumbent batch vice president, I think I know my batch enough to know what a batch needs. So with this, sa pagiging CAP (College Assembly President) ko, I can guide my batch units into ensuring that whatever platforms they implement will be for the betterment [and] benefit of their constituents.

The LaSallian: A frequent concern among COS students is that they feel that their college and batch governments are absent from their student lives. How do you plan to increase student engagement and participation in SCG-led initiatives?

Rawash: First of all, as the incumbent batch vice president, if they feel na we have been absent, I’d like to apologize. I’d like to build from my previous work, so as the aspiring SCP (Science College President), I plan to make sure that I consult with the students. ‘Yung platforms ko are consulted with the students and different [organizations] within COS to ensure that everyone has equal representation. So for example, ‘yung isa kong platform, which is ‘yung SCG Job Fair, [is there] to ensure na COS students get to have COS-centric job opportunities. We have seen on campus, puro for COB (College of Business) or CLA (College of Liberal Arts) ‘yung job fairs, and I think since this is one of the things that students ask, I am sure naman na they would participate. So, just basically giving and listening to what they need and what they want.

The LaSallian: A lot of your advocacy-based plans of action focus on the biological field. What plans do you have in place to cater to the other subject fields in COS? 

Rawash: Since I am from Chem (Department of Chemistry), I made sure that every department has representation and that everyone gets to participate. For example, ‘yung sa campaign for climate change, I think that this is very Chemistry-heavy since…I have studied these sa Chem (chemistry) classes ko. ‘Yung isang platform ko na “Exploring The Field of Research,” which aims to give students a broader look into what they can do with their programs, balak ko mag-invite ng DLSU alumni who have research in different fields. If ako, from Biochem (BS Biochemistry), ‘yung usually [attached fields] ay medical or sa academe. I want to give students insights on what they can do pa. ‘Yung sa akin, puwede pa ako sa pharmaceutical [industry], so ganon, at least I’m not limited to what is imposed sa akin.

The LaSallian: What problems do you think are unique to the College of Science and how do you plan to address them?

Rawash: ‘Yung student services namin [is] one of the bigger issues since I’d say it’s very disorganized. I plan to rebuild that foundation sa SCG. Next naman is ‘yung lack of career exploration opportunities for COS students kasi usually, job fairs cater to CLA [and] COB students. Parang hindi masyadong nabibigyang-pansin ‘yung pagde-develop ng skills at pagwi-widen ng career options for COS students.

The LaSallian: What are your plans regarding expanding opportunities for career development among COS students?

Rawash: [The] SCG Job Fair, which aims to add more science-related jobs and internship opportunities. We would be including orientation and training with regards sa resumé and interviews, and what internships they can take…so everyone is included in this platform.

The LaSallian: Within COS, thesis is a heavy task. Do you have any platforms or plans of action for the conduct of thesis for COS students?

Rawash: To be honest, I have not made platforms regarding this. However, ‘yung sa USG EB (Executive Board) namin, thay have a platform on providing subsidies for thesis students. I know there are a lot of students sa COS who are graduating and need aid, so this is something I will take into note. I will make sure that they are also represented, hopefully, when I’m in position.

The LaSallian: How do you envision COS at the end of your administration?

Rawash: My vision is a College of Science that cultivates scientific minds and paves the way for success. I hope that in the end, I build a COS that finally feels represented by the University and their student government since I really plan to give them avenues for growth and student development. I really hope I get to build a COS that is more closely knit, that trusts each other, and that fosters relationships with one another.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

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