PRESS RELEASE: Wafting Wonders—Crafting Chemistry in a Bottle

On November 15, DLSU’s Chemistry Society will hold the Wafting Wonders: Crafting Chemistry in a Bottle event to provide the students with knowledge of fragrance chemistry.

Manila, 2023 – DLSU Chemistry Society (CHEMSOC), a professional organization that specializes in chemical sciences, is delighted to announce the upcoming event called “Wafting Wonders: Crafting Chemistry in a Bottle” scheduled to take place on November 15, 2023, from 8 AM to 5 PM. This exciting event aims to introduce students to the dynamic world of fragrance chemistry.

“Wafting Wonders: Crafting Chemistry in a Bottle” will feature seminars, booths, and a workshop designed to give participants an understanding of the art of crafting perfumes and the chemistry behind it. The seminar will discuss topics related to perfume-making, starting a perfume business, common ingredients used, history of the different perfumeries, and provide suggestions that meet individual preferences. The workshop is also not to be missed, offering hands-on experience and materials to create and take home a personalized perfume!

As a delightful bonus, participants can anticipate getting some exciting freebies and explore enticing booths sponsored by industry leaders such as Ian Darcy, NudeScents, ChemWorld Fragrance Factory, and Luxe Organix.

The event will take place at the Marian Quadrangle within the De La Salle University Campus. For more information, please visit the Facebook Page of DLSU Chemistry Society (CHEMSOC). Don’t miss out on this aromatic journey that promises to ignite your passion for the fascinating world of chemistry and fragrance!




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