PRESS RELEASE: NEXUS—Journey to the Realm of Astral Opportunities

On November 25, DLSU’s ENGLICOM will have its seminar and networking event, NEXUS: Journey to the Realm of Astral Opportunities.

As part of ENGLICOM’s vision of long-term development and nation-building, the organization curated NEXUS: Journey to the Realm of Astral Opportunities with the thought of developing their future student leaders. With the boundless opportunities presented to fresh graduates, it’s quite common for them to feel overwhelmed or lost. NEXUS 2023 provides students with the opportunity to learn what they can expect once they graduate and leave the confines of the university. The event will help students explore some of the multitude of paths that one can take during the initial steps of their career. Through its seminar and networking event, ENGLICOM’s flagship event, NEXUS 2023, aims to prepare students for the world after college.

Exploring Constellations to Overcome Cosmic Challenges is an insightful seminar on the morning of the event day, happening from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. An esteemed roster of speakers, Dr. Cecilo Pedro and Mr. George Siy, will be invited to impart their knowledge on the various issues that they’ve experienced after graduating and during their time working in their respective fields.

Propelling Your Professional Orbit ends the event with a fun networking event that will happen from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This allows participants to get to know professionals from various fields to hear some helpful advice. Through this, students can further deepen their knowledge and understanding of their future career paths while also mingling with like-minded individuals with whom they may cross paths in the future.

ENGLICOM invites you to join NEXUS 2023 which will be happening on the De La Salle University Manila Campus at Pardo Hall, 5th Floor Multipurpose Room on November 25, 2023. To learn more, stay updated through the Nexus: Journey to the Realm of Astral Opportunities Facebook page.

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